Ubisoft sales up £165 million year on year, digital revenues up 86%

Publishing giant boasts increased revenue and profitability for fiscal year ending March 31 2013, Assassins Creed III and Just Dance 4 among top twenty current-gen brands, Staggering increase in online earnings revealed.

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ifritAlkhemyst2037d ago

So, your sales up. But you insist on pirates ruining the foundations of your industry.


rpd1232037d ago

You haven't even played the game yet. Chill out.

ifritAlkhemyst2036d ago

Played what game? I'm commenting on the fact that despite an increase in digital revenues, companies like this insist that piracy is eroding their PC market interests.

Do you even know how to read?

Knushwood Butt2037d ago

Well done.

Glad to see Far Cry 3 doing better than they expected. A next gen sequel should be amazing.