PS4 Teaser was a fake. Interview and making of

The so called leaked PS4 promo teaser was a fake made by french studio "Slot B". It was made for less than 300 euros, including pizzas.

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JoGam2041d ago

I knew it. Damn youtubers.

Septic2041d ago

It was a really good fake. Fooled me.

LOL_WUT2041d ago

The design they chose was horrible but the video was done nicely. ;)

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hkgamer2041d ago

Yeah, it was pretty decent for a teaser. but the actual console design was ugly. If you looked at the size of that console it would probably be 1.5/2x bigger than the original PS3. Also, it just looked plain ugly and logos were in weird positions.

nick3092041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

If anyone believed that he mustve been really naive xD

FullMetalTech2041d ago

Well the trailer had a lot of flaws like the white background shop of the camera and controller, the photoshopped eyes,and the end logos being different. After watching that Kratos commercial it makes this one definately seem amateurish.

thechosenone2041d ago

You lied to me! I'll never trust the internet again. :(

MasterCornholio2041d ago

In Sony we trust.

And at E3 we will see the beautiful (hopefully) device.

Motorola RAZR i

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