SmartGlass and Media at the Heart of the New Xbox May 21st is shaping up to be an important day for gamers despite the very real concerns seemingly justified by the extended weather forecast obtained from the met; the wabe may end up flooded for all or part of the morning on 21 May 2013 but not due to rain, but due to the embarrassed weeping of members of the Fourth Estate.

The significance of May 21st is that it is widely anticipated to be the morning of the day on which Microsoft (MSFT) will be holding the first official press conference to reveal to consumers details of its upcoming new Xbox video game and multimedia console.

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HyperBear2039d ago

I'll second that.

Makes sense seeing as Wii U = dual screen gameplay. PS4/Vita with Cross-Play support. Only seems fitting Next Xbox/Smartglass offers something different.

its_JEFF2039d ago

don't forget the Playstation App... So basically the PS4 and Next Xbox will do the same thing. Now it just comes down to preference.

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Jek_Porkins2039d ago

I surely think Smartglass will continue to be something Microsoft utilizes, but we wont see a ton of games utilize it because not everyone has a Smartphone or Tablet.

I enjoy it on the Xbox 360, but I think it's a tad presumptuous to say that is the focus at this time.

Minato-Namikaze2039d ago

Its MS. Their focus hasnt exactly been games these last years. They better show some good games come tuesday or they are gonna be 1 foot in the grave with me.

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crazysammy2039d ago

This reminds me of when the PS3 was coming out and they kept trying to convince us that it wasn't a video game console it was the center of the living room for entertainment.

I think its incorrect to FOCUS on it. A device that does many things is great but I really think it needs to be sold as a video game console first.

ichimaru2039d ago

I disagree respectfully. its 2013. we live in an age where even wrist watches do other things, tv's can connect to youtube and you can pay bills with a smartphone. the way I see it, thw less things I need to have pluged to my tv, the less cable running through my room, btw better.tbh its an unpopular opinion but I would be bored if all my console did was play games. I use net filx when im done a match of bf3 to unwind or when food comes so I can watch something instead if juggling a controller while I eat. it can have an apps that Never use, so long as it plays games I don't see how it takes from anything.

crazysammy2038d ago

Oh absolutely I agree with everything you just said. Let me clarify. I think the system SHOULD do all of these things. They should be more than a game system.

I was just saying that I think they should market it as the best damn game console they can. You are right the expectation now is that all of these devices do it. Again I think the advertising should mention these things, but focus on gaming.

P.S. Thank you for the respectful response. You dont see many on here anymore.

ichimaru2038d ago

Ah i see I must have misread your comment :D

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The story is too old to be commented.