Stunning new The Last of Us screenshots show Joel and Ellie in action

Watch how Joel and Ellie tries to survive the apocalypse in these stunning new The Last of Us screenshots.

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SeanScythe1590d ago

would be cool to take control of Ellie when Joel is having a conversation with other npc's. That way you can scavenge stuff in the room while still listening to what they are saying. maybe letting him distract them while she takes items that they could use.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1589d ago

Kind of like MGS4 with the MK III robot while Snake is talking to Otocon on the plane.

SeanScythe1589d ago

Yeah, it's just so you can multi task maybe give you the option to switch to her and it's short like a few mins. Just to grab stuff while still listening to what is going on without taking you away from playing.

ABizzel11590d ago

I hope you can turn off the Sonar, other than that I can't wait to play this.

alessandro101590d ago

yes you can turn off the listen mode (sonar) melee prompts, game hints, strategic hints also tags popups

it was shown on one of the videos walktrough

ABizzel11590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Thank you both, I want to play this game with as much realism as possible.

Skate-AK1589d ago

Besides what they said there will probably be a difficultly mode that disables all assists like that.

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1590d ago
Cryptcuzz1590d ago

Holy mother of God this game looks so good!

The little details, the extra attention placed here and there, the life like facial expressions, the high polygon counts, the atmosphere, the....the....EVERYTHING!!!

If one asked if any game developer would be a person you would marry, who would it be?

My answer is Naughty Dogs! (Not only because I like them naughty and the fact that I like dogs as well) because they evoke emotions from me that I never thought I had in me :(

GiantFriendlyCrab1590d ago

if this was ps4 game i would have agreed with you