Preview: This Is “The Last Of Us” | TheSixthAxis

TheSixthAxis: "When the world ends, we’ll know what to do. Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us fuses survival instinct and overwhelming odds with Nathan Drake’s nose for exploration, highlighting a diminishing population desperate to stay alive."

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Sharius1919d ago

wow, wow, wow... look at all those hype about TLOU, most of the artic is the preview for this game...

... and my GoWA disc told me that......I HAVE TO WAIT 14 DAYS MORE TO PLAY DEMO..... goddammit

yesmynameissumo1919d ago

It's games like this that reinforce exactly why it is I game. My wife is even excited for this...that says something to me. I think we may have Game of the Generation coming. Man...I love gaming on PlayStation.

TwistedMetal1919d ago

yeah awesome exclusives still coming up and this game is just a warm up for me gt6, beyond 2 souls, pupeteer and many others and i still neeed to get the ps4.