Storytelling: The Importance of Wonder

MWEB Gamezone writer Zubayr Bhyat explores one of the key aspects ignored by many game developers that could've brought many a game into brilliance: Storytelling

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PandaMcBearface1922d ago

Such a lovely article! I agree entirely. Although as I said yesterday, I went into games like COD thinking "I'm here to kill things" and then ended up weeping a bit as the story unfolded because I am lame xD

plut0nash1922d ago

I find it amazing so many developers don't invest more into good storytelling. So many good stories invest into our imagination and inspire.

HanCilliers1922d ago

Great read, games like Dear Esther and To the Moon filled me with wonder. Storytelling is a vital aspect of player immersion for me, more so than good graphics and action.

TongkatAli1922d ago

I have to get Thomas Was Alone, heard the storytelling in that is amazing and it's all about shapes, lol.

HanCilliers1922d ago

Dude, that game is also on my list

DesVader1922d ago

With all the flashy graphics nowadays, its seems that a lot of developers forget storyline and its so important. Nice article. I hope more devs read it to remind themselves of paying attention to this part of a game. I want to be entertained and immersed in a game, not just drool over the pretty graphics, which normally lasts 5 minutes.

plut0nash1922d ago

@TongkatAli - Must check that out. Enjoyed Wall-E so may look at that.

Speaking of which, Wall-E was another great piece of storytelling done brilliantly.

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