The Last of Us: Paranoia and Despair in Paradise | IGN

IGN: "I’d never played The Last of Us until now. In fact, I’d barely watched any footage. I’d stayed away from impressions. I’d not seen a demo or, to the best of my recollection, a full trailer. For whatever reason, this game had been peripheral to my interactions with the game industry, until today, when I tested to very different slices of Joel and Ellie’s adventure."

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Walker1745d ago

"The Last of Us stunned me. Not in any one aspect, but through its collective polish and crisp attention to the smallest details. And it’s unlike any adventure I’ve embarked upon. It’s not an action game. It’s not survival. It’s not horror. But it is pretty damn special."


abzdine1745d ago

this makes me think: is PS3 really at its life cycle? Every game looks better than the previous one! The Last of Us seems to be the ultimate experience, but when i see Beyond i realize that PS3 has monstrous power.

I really like the way PS3 was conceived, it makes all serious developers improve their products over time because the room for improvement is huge on PS3.



Double_Oh_Snap1745d ago

Journalists are going to see it next week.

thechosenone1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

bunch of video previews in the link and some spoilers so heads up. LoU features dynamic lighting and in one of the scenes the light starts to break through the tree branches and my reaction was just :O

Haules1745d ago

Have you been living under a rock? Those are called sun shafts and they've been in almost every game this gen. Hell, even the first Uncharted has them.

thechosenone1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

oh they're called sun shafts On PC they're called God Rays....but where talking about ND and the only other game that featured dynamic lighting in one of their games was UC3 and that looked kind of rough to be honest, this level of DL is on par with Cry3(con ver) so yeah that was very surprising and I didn't think they'd be able to pull it off because the level of IQ they were going for in this game I thought it wouldn't leave much room for them to include such snazzy effects like DL so that's very impressive. Also I've stayed away from any and all previews up until now so this is the first time I'm seeing actual footage....but who the f**k would have guessed that I would've woke up to a bunch of retarded disagrees and an idiotic reply over such an innocent comment, N4G is hilarious.

Haules1745d ago

The console ports of the Crysis games and Metro 2033 also had dynamic lighting as do a few other games, so I think you're the one who needs to shut the hell up and take your fanboyism somewhere else.

thechosenone1745d ago

I'm a PS fanboy you dumbass and have been one since the PS1 days. lol But truth is truth and seeing DL on console games is a new thing so calm down and stop being over sensitive.

Haules1745d ago

Funny how you're telling me to calm down when you're the one who's foaming at the mouth with rage right now. I think you need to go out and get a bit of fresh air.

Oh and thanks for that nice PM, btw.

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ger23961745d ago

Man, I have to pre-order this asap.

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