Going to space: how the Oculus Rift will change both how we game in and explore our virtual worlds

The PA Report: "I’ve only played one or two that asked me to fire a gun. Virtual reality is an amazing tool, and the Rift has finally allowed developers to create beautiful environments where we can simply exist, look around, and enjoy the view."

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Rhythmattic1891d ago

Love it..

Guess all those haters of 3d glasses based Flat Screen systems will hate on this also.

Blacktric1891d ago

But 3D is a horrible gimmick while Oculus Rift isn't.

Rhythmattic1891d ago

Like it or not, not everyone believes 3D its a gimmick... Nvidia doesn't seem to think so with their range of PC cards..
Ive played some games in 3D and its added to the gameplay...Motorstorm for example...

What makes the Oculus different is it covers peripheral vision and head tracking for even more emersion... not only better , but undeniably awesome....

However, My sarcastic comment still stands.....

MilkMan1891d ago

Wow, more money down the drain. No serious gamer is gonna fux around with this crap in their eyes not "project" anything using the dumb Kinect 3.0 or whatever it is.

If it isn't built in , and seamless it was a waste of space.

Blacktric1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

>Kinect 3.0

Do you even know what Rift is?

Did you even read any of the early reviews/opinions of people who've tried it with Half Life 2?

MilkMan1891d ago

Yes. I did. I wouldn't talk about something I didn't know about. Not my way.
and its just as I said previously.
Historically speaking gamers don't by add-ons and gimmicks don't last very long, if at all.

Anything you have to wear to play, is doomed. Gloves, hats, eye pieces you name it.

Things like Kinect where DOA. Baaed on my own experience and that of my friends Kinetic got 1 hour tops of play time when it was at it's HOTTEST.

Then it died a quick death. No one talks about the latest and hottest Kinect game, cause it doesn't exist.

This is a blemish for M$ but they know how to keep it under wraps, not expose their dirty laundry like say the way WIiU has.

Guess they cant cover up their problems.

Project like these amaze me. Who in their right mind put money into this?

Look at OUYA, on paper its a great concept but practically, its failing unless they have some quality stuff come out pronto.

Bet your money on these specs dying off also. No matter how may unreal's and HL demo they have playing with these "toys"

Rhythmattic1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Haters gonna hate.