EA to publish GTA IV?

MCV: The industry's most respected financial analysts have been discussing EA's 'hostile' tender offer for Take Two – with some saying that it could happen quickly enough for Grand Theft Auto IV and Manhunt 2 to have EA's name on their box.

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Honeal2g3897d ago

i looks like we wont be playing any realistic basketball games ever again... god i hate EA ...i wish i could BUY them out ... and release all the imprisoned developers so that they can make creative and impressive games.... dont get me wrong they some things right.... Battlefield ... but still this is wrong on all levels

NO_PUDding3895d ago

Not even Battlefield is right.

Battlefield 2 was the last good one. 2142... what is that rubbish!?

I think that people who want it PS exclusive again say it's bad, and people who want it multiplatform don't care (apparently) because it will be on their system.

But the ones who actually care about the game will hate it to be EA. It's great they will get an endless pit of money to play with, but they have that pretty much already, T2 certainly doesn't restrict them at all, because all it's hopes are riding on it.

It will also become more and more erratic, which is what EA thinks is the right route, rather than slowly maturing the series which is what fans want. Houser said something that occurred to me, many times in an interview recently; the game has matured with it's audience, which is great. But EA will do whatever they can to keep the game samey, but just addign more. That is EA's ethos. And that is why the industry is becoming stale.

"Add more"

longduckdong3897d ago

due to my boycott of EA products this would eliminate GTAs expense from my pocket book, and at least I would then have 65 more bucks

Superiorrior3897d ago

Buy a used copy in time just so you don't directly fund EA, least that's what I'm planning to do if this does happens, even if it's the longest most bullsh*t shot ever.

NO_PUDding3895d ago

You are still ultimately funding it.

But I respect that you are atleast trying to avoid funding EA. I haven't bought an EA game for my PS3 yet, and I plan not to.

mccormack3897d ago

I don't care who publishes it, I am buying that bad boy!!!

Exhaust3897d ago

Not a fan of EA but it doesn't matter if Satan himself published GTA I'd still buy it.

Scenarist3897d ago

lol i agree 100% ....i dont care if EA does whatever ,,,,I AM GETTING GTA4 if I had to steal it from some poor sucker walking out of a store with it after just paying for it...or blatantly going in the store , asking for the game and walking right out the door with it like I used to do in middle school everyday at the same funcoland for my N64 games like 2 weeks str8 before saying to myself ..."your a fool" and went to another funcoland and did it.

chaosatom3333896d ago

gta is still made my rockstar. I would boycott other games like madden, but still EA is going to make a buck load.

Lord Vader3897d ago (Edited 3897d ago )

EA's power is becoming most disturbing...

They are evolving into a freakin' gaming Skynet.

ikiru33853897d ago

or in your case, Lord_Vader, they are becoming the Galactic Empire :-P

Lord Vader3897d ago





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