Battlefield: Bad Company Beta Announced

Planet Battlefield writes: "Listen up soldiers... This is your chance to land yourself in the Battlefield: Bad Company multiplayer beta test. This beta will give players a chance to revisit the glory of the battlefield and enter an exciting mission to recapture the rewards of war and the agony of defeat. You will be able to battle through two new diverse maps, access new infantry kits and vehicles as well as experience the new tactical destruction in Battlefield: Bad Company that is aiming to change how first-person shooters are played."

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TheIneffableBob3869d ago

I don't have an Xbox, but I got a key. :D

Violater3869d ago

PS3 gets the shaft again.

Dark_Vendetta3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Edited: Sorry, I managed to get my own key. Thx to ThaGeNeCySt

dachiefsman3869d ago

i will take your key!!! please!

Spinner3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Same deal here - have a beta key for anyone that wants it, no 360 anymore. :/

I'mma just stick it here - whoever takes it can have it. Just post that you took it, so no one else spends time typing it up. Have fun.


kooplar3869d ago

3fixme, with a name like that i never though of seeing generosity towards 360 like that, but thanks anyway!

socomnick3869d ago

:/ wish I had a key also if anyone has a extra one could you pm me it :) thanks :)

nirwanda3869d ago

Please PM me with a beta code thanks

Frrrrrrunkis3869d ago

anyone else got an extra key they could share? Please PM me with it.

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scottyd3869d ago

This is not a dupe. This press release just came out. The story you linked as a dupe of in the old press release from March 13th that was not supppose to go out. Notice how this one says March 20th. March 13th -

Lord Vader3869d ago

Thx for posting this - Bubbles+

I forgot about the Beta, you just reminded me to get my token. Thanks !!!

mesh13869d ago


belal3869d ago

this game coming out in JUNE !?! MGS4 is coming and will crush this game. this is a biiig mistake by EA.

bumnut3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

how can you compare the 2? they are totally different games.

also, i can see this game getting delayed again, they are not leaving much time to correct and problems that are found in the beta.

Superiorrior3869d ago

This guy speaks truth, MGS4 is the most anticipated title of 2008 dubbed by many gamers, websites, and well generally everybody, I can see this game being pushed back to not conflict.

i Shank u3869d ago

ill agree with the stoned towel. one is stealth action, the other is "shoot everything to hell, and do it loud!"

warden9763869d ago

this is for real - i've got a key and the download is about 45% through now... excellent.

wicked3869d ago

I've got a key but didn't think you could download it until the 25th? I will try later on when I finish work. Thanks

Wozzer3869d ago

Oh well, thats another EA game I will not be purchasing; my main reason being that with EA the game is guaranteed to have framerate problems and $hitty graphics (cough*Skate*cough). The lack of a Beta for PS3 is just the final nail in the coffin; they obviously do not want to make any sales on the PS3 front.

rev203869d ago

Last time i checked Cod4 had an exclusive beta on 360 and it turned out just fine on ps3.

Also its developed by Dice they are just part of EA just like criterion who made burnout

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