Digital Version Of The Last Of Us Playable During Download

GI:Naughty Dog has told Game Informer that its upcoming survival horror epic The Last of Us will be released digitally through the PlayStation Store on June 14, the same day that the game releases in stores on Blu-ray disc. There's also something special about this simultaneous release.

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Majin-vegeta2041d ago

Testing waters for the PS4?

BattleAxe2041d ago

Testing the waters? Its about damn time Sony started doing this with their exclusive games. Companies like EA and 2K have been releasing their games on the PSN day one, or at least within a few months of release for a few years now.

delicia2041d ago

It's about playing while downloading, not Day-One availability.

Maninja2041d ago

Like takashima said, being able to play the game while it's downloading is one of the PS4's new features, so it definitely looks like they're testing it out with the Last of Us

KwietStorm2041d ago

BattleAxe, you missed the point entirely.

Sevir2041d ago

This article is isn't about Sony offering day 1 digital releases with the retail, its about the fact that this is the First PS3 title that allows for simultaneous play while downloading from the store, a feature Sony's PS4 does on the fly... Which is why the poster above mentions testing water for the PS4.

Just slow down and read the article thoroughly instead of seeing what you want to see and making such a statement. Cheers

abzdine2041d ago

man you are completely out of topic!

This is huge news, if the price isn't higher than retail i'll be curious to try this feature.

inveni02041d ago

I would go digital if the price was the same as retail, as long as this feature actually works, and I don't have to download 1GB to get started. PSN downloads are really slow for me for some reason, and I have a 20Mbps connection. Not great, but enough to know when a server is slow.

Codey472041d ago

Note to self
Must read topics before letting my keyboard do the talking!

Gamesgbkiller2041d ago

Not great you say ?
I have 4Mbps.

minimur122041d ago


I can tell you're new.

Oschino19072041d ago

The Playstation Store only started promoting/doing Day 1 Digital Downloads like last Sep/Oct (6-7months) along with digital pre orders often giving a discount and/or bonus game/content.

if your going to go off topic and make a douchey statement atleast know what your going off topic about.

On Topic, I hope they offer some sort of a discount for PS+ member like they did with Metro Last light cause $48 day one beats what any other retailer can offer 99% of the time.

hkgamer2041d ago

I think it would be better to allow you to download a night before, then release a small patch on release date that unlocks the game.



He's not new at all, he've been here almost as long as me (since 2007) and is usually a cool guy (I noticed him long ago as we apparently share an interest in tactical shooters), I don't get it either... I think he just misreaded it.

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Cam9772041d ago

It's here to stay so enjoy it.

NBT912041d ago

You still need to DL 50% of the file to play it, which is still going to take a while for a lot of people. Not that "futuristic" really, if you ask me.

PS4 needs to be instant or very close to instant. But for now, 50% i better than nothing I guess. And what better game to test it on? =D

ZodTheRipper2041d ago

It's instant on PS4. Thing is, nobody expected that to be possible on PS3 already.

MiloGarret2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

Welcome to the past, this is not something new. Nor is it particularly useful.

dedicatedtogamers2041d ago

Definitely testing the waters. Next gen is going to be all about convenience (because devs are learning that graphics and $100 million advertising budgets just aren't enough to cut in anymore). Games will load faster. Systems will boot up faster (or in the case of PS4 there will be a "sleep mode" that lets you suspend your game like you can on Vita and 3DS). Everything will be about convenience.

FamilyGuy2041d ago

They arent testing the waters, the test have been completed and they decided on making this a feature before we even saw the feb press conference. If they're testing anything it's our reaction to it, seeing if we praise it and such.

About advertising:
Sony/Playstation executives have always claimed that word of mouth is the best advertising and with the Share button features we gamers will be doing the advertising for them. Constantly, in full force and for anyone on our friends list or anyone checking out our UStream channels to see. This is something that will help them advertise games beyond anything a 30sec commercial or billboard could ever do.

It's going to be a big deal.

Abdou232041d ago

Now they need to lower the price than the retail version to be worth it.

tracyllrkn2041d ago

Only way I see that happening is when the game can only be purchased digitally.

morgenpimm2041d ago

why not join ps+, they always have good discounts for that and if you purchase your digital games regularly annually, that comes to some real savings.

Thatguy-3102041d ago

Well in retail you almost find yourself paying close to 70$ with taxes and in the psn store you buy it 60$ even. That's why lately I been buying them off there. Save me the time and the extra bucks.

irepbtown2041d ago

PSN UK new games are usually £59.99 (some £49.99), in store/online is £40-45. The odd games do get reduced quite a bit on PSN such as Ghost Recon Future Soldier (I believe it's under £30).

So it'd be great if they could at least match retail price on Playstation store (here in UK, I don't know about the rest). If downloads become cheaper than actual copies, then I for one will start buying through PSN. But for now, I'll stick with Disc.

PS: Damn! I did not expect at all the PS3 to be able to 'play while downloading'. Even if you do have to wait 50%, still bloody good.
This is like a teaser for the PS4, Cheeky Sony :D

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FamilyGuy2041d ago

It's beginning...

I wonder if it's still going to need to be installed after the download is complete? Usually you have to wait for the download to complete and the install, maybe this one installs while it's downloading though.

I know the PS4 is going to be instant but what magic are they working here?

zeddy2041d ago

gonna go buy the disc version at midnight, its tradition.

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Nitrowolf22041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

That's awesome, even if it's just at the 50% download line (right away on the ps4), that's pretty neat that they snuck this feature in. Hopefully other DD games do this on the ps3. I wonder if this is what the information about the PS4 testing on PSN being hacked a few days was really about.

-Alpha2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

I doubt this will be a feature for any other game for PS3. Seems like Naughty Dog just knew what to do, or was at least thoughtful of the implementation.

It's a great idea of what PS4/next-gen will be like, though.

greatcrusader442041d ago

Music to my ears, just the fact that itll be digitally released. My ps3s bluesy drive died on me and while I know I will eventually get a new one, it's good knowing I can play Last of Us beforehand.

Plagasx2041d ago

How is this even possible though? What if the game needs something from the data and it isn't finished yet??

vickers5002041d ago

There's probably a minimum amount of game data you need (something like 30-50%) and then it starts working. That 30 or 50% is probably programmed to be the earliest parts of the game, because most people probably wont get very far enough in the game to have it stop, the game will probably have finished downloading before it hits the stopping point.

Christopher2041d ago

The "game engine" and similar assets are at most 50MB (Unity game engine is only 15MB for me). The rest are sound and graphic assets. So, if you download the assets required for the first area of the game, you could play that while the game downloads the rest for future areas.

KwietStorm2041d ago

I'd advise you not to attempt doing it on 56k.

jimmywolf2041d ago

would be funny if someone did then 2 week later file complete.... error in download please re download

Salooh2041d ago

Well, if i were them i would let it download the important stuff then chapters. That way when you reach 50% means you downloaded few chapters so you play them while the others downloading. GT5 let you install while you playing so it's already possible . I also would put the mp the last thing to download..

NBT912041d ago

They obviously planned for that. It will be like, it will fully download say, the first 6 hours of the campaign, by the time you get that far, the rest will have downloaded or if not, will be close.

You will probably need to exit the game to install the remaining data after you get to a certain point in the game. If it isnt done, you wait. But it probably will be fine by then.

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