Finally A Zombie Game With Freedom For Barricading

Sandswept Studios have just released information regarding the latest build for their upcoming zombie game, The Dead Linger. This build is one of the largest to hit the game since its alpha release and includes an exciting variety of new content including 100% free form barricading.

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ltachiUchiha1921d ago

Looks kinda cool. Judging from the image the only thing that kinda looks wierd is the zombies all look the same.

CaptainCamper1921d ago

It's still an alpha build so a lot of it is place holders :D

ltachiUchiha1921d ago

Yeah i didnt know that but still looks to be a pretty cool game.

Mounce1919d ago

I'm amazed no one is bringing up Zombie Panic: Source....

I swear I could put barricades wherever I wanted..... it was scripted in specific direction if Horizontal, Vertical or Diagonal, but it still allowed me to place boards across doors, windows, hallways and the like so as long as it connected properly....

;o Oh well, 'Freedom' defined I guess means 'Involves more physics' than what ZPS offers.

Neko_Mega1920d ago

The attack of the killer zombie clones XD that would save some work at making the zombies not look the same.

Anyways, it be nice to have a better zombie game.

CEOSteveBallmer1920d ago

Resident evil 4 is also a game that has barricading doors. But it doesn't have zombies. Im glad theres a zombie game that has one. I don't get why they eliminated it in RE6 and just a little in RE5