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Are EA And Microsoft Starting To Listen?

CheatCC Says: "These days, gamers spend as much time complaining about EA and Microsoft as they do playing video games. The two companies have grown increasingly controversial, as they've continued to push always-online DRM measures and some fairly shifty billing practices. But the two most hated companies in gaming might actually be starting to listen." (EA, Industry, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

admiralvic  +   923d ago

I've yet to see the online pass system prove to be successful at changing anything, so that was removed to save money (as they're spending time coding the game to be that way, hosting it, printing cards, obtaining codes from companies, etc). That's really all that's going on here. Ideas didn't work out, so they're dropping them to save a buck.
rainslacker  +   922d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if the codes are just replaced with this new tech that is capable of blocking used games. While it may not be used to block used games, it can be used to register original purchaser to a system.

Still too many unknowns at the moment, and sadly, I find it hard to trust EA's generosity given their anti-consumer stance for quite some time now. It wasn't too long ago they said they wanted online or micro-transactions for every game they produce. That in itself could prevent the online pass...but at what cost to actual game content.
TwistedMetal  +   923d ago
ea listens a little microsoft doesnt because they have millions of fanbos who will lap up anything they give them. ms could say live is gonna be 20 a month service from now on with less stuff then psn and they still will be like microsoft you are awesome. thats what people who worship idol gods do. they become blindid.
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   923d ago
Like Obama voters.
JokesOnYou  +   923d ago
@ Twisted stop hating bro, nobody likes paying for anything but you see in the adult world we have choices, there's lots of free or cheaper options in almost any product but the bottom line is people aren't just going to go to another brand over a few bucks when they are happy with their service, community, and online structure....psn does not have the same ease of use and it lacks the volume of gamers in multiplayer compared to 360, imo 360 just seems to be more focused when it comes to online gaming and frankly I just enjoy it more then psn which I admit is because of my own gaming preferences. Honestly I don't bother much with all the Netflix or Facebook stuff, I just want the best multiplayer experience possible when I go online and for me that's on the 360...I could give a rats @## if you think I'm insane cause its my money, lol you probably spend more on Starbucks but hey to each his own. So essentially its no different than folks staying with a cell phone provider because they value their service vs just getting the cheapest deal...in the event that the cost outweighs the value I'll stop paying until then enjoy your psn.
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denawayne  +   923d ago
BlmThug  +   923d ago
It is peoples choice at the end of the day. One can say it's 'insane' that people pay hundreds of pounds for designer garments when they can buy from Primark but that is peoples choice.
Jek_Porkins  +   923d ago
Well it's hard to say, EA is just trying to make nice by removing an Online Pass system that probably wasn't very successful to begin with.

Microsoft recently has said they are looking for unique and interesting indie devs and games for XBLA, so hopefully that means they are embracing indie's as well. We don't know if DRM is something Microsoft considered, so we cant say they listened on that front, their main piece of the pie is North America, which doesn't have the most robust internet, so it would be logical to think that DRM probably didn't get too far.

The big thing people will complain about is Xbox Live, yes it's a paid service, but honestly Sony made a mistake by not charging in the beginning, now gamer's feel entitled to free online, when it actually costs a ton of money to maintain. I don't blame Microsoft as a company for charging to maintain that service, as a gamer, I can afford $35 a year, which is all I've ever paid.

So hopefully they both listen and pay attention.
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Utalkin2me  +   923d ago
35 a year....lol....how you have 6 bubbles i have no clue. Ahhhh multiple accounts i gotcha.....
Jek_Porkins  +   923d ago
I don't have any other accounts, but you can find deals on Xbox Live Gold throughout the year, I always buy it when there is a deal, or saving that I'll buy it from Crazygametime which has it always priced under $40 for a 12 month.
JokesOnYou  +   923d ago
Well Porkins I agree and disagree yes it does cost money to run xbox live but micro COULD make it free like sony does just for the online multiplayer.

I just see it mostly as if all things are equal most people would gravitate to psn but on the other hand I believe with all due respect if $50 a year is going to be something that affects your budget, makes you have to sacrifice any daily habits/financial responsibilities or you just don't think its worth it in your situation then no joke I think you should avoid xbox live, game on psn but mostly do what you got to do to take care of more important things than gaming, honestly I lose/give away more than $50 bucks a year in loose change and I'm by no means rich, so I guess that's why its not something that really bothers me, hell I hate the nickel and diming us for DLC far, far, infinitely more than xbox live fee.
PS3gamer4life  +   923d ago
Lol true
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FarCryLover182  +   923d ago
I really wish they would.
dcbronco  +   923d ago
You can tell this is an article that should be ignored based on that opening paragraph. Microsoft continues to push always on DRM? How? By Internet rumors spread that a console that hasn't been announce will be always on. I know where one of the Weekly World New reporters ended up.
greenpowerz  +   923d ago
This sounds like preemptive damage control more than likely to do with the feared EA and MSFT partnership that will be revealed in 5 days.

There goes mathew9r not caring about xbox/MSFT again LOL

This article is Rumor mixed with fact with a fictional outcome/reality. EA listening to gamers and killing season passes may have nothing to do with what gamers wan't but could be part of some unforseen next gen plan/partnership.

IMO Nintendo being dropped has more to do with what I said above then the excuse of poor sales. Nintendo does not invest in future infrastructure and forward looking social innovations like MSFT and even Sony does.

Example: Unlimited access to games after paying for a univerasl gaming/streaming service.
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SaffronCurse  +   923d ago
I never really had problems with online passes.

*Said No one ever.
TheSaint  +   923d ago
They will probably just be replacing it with some other form of bleeding us dry.

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