OXCGN’s Second Look FUSE Preview- Hot FUSE-ion


"Whilst the game retains the same high octane gameplay we first witnessed, this time around we were treated to a proper hands on with the games first 3 missions."

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BadCircuit1986d ago

This actually looks pretty good. At first I thought it looked pretty generic

gaminoz1986d ago

The LEAP function is going to make or break this game in my opinion.

I wish the environments looked less samey to other shooters though.

DeusExer1985d ago

I think the co-op function will either make or break the game.

If you've got 3 other friends that play with you, it could be a great time. I'm not sure if the same could be said doing the same thing alone.

gaminoz1985d ago

I do agree with them about co-op multi being more important these days than just competitive multi. I enjoy playing with a friend against the game. Lots of funny moments.

TheFallenAngel1985d ago

It was an ok demo. Hopefully the game will be better. It still pretty generic.

SOULJER1985d ago

Take as many looks as you want. I played the demo, and it was meh.