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Athlon1770d ago

Whoa! Most impressive!

Enemy1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Where'd these come from, what the hell.

I'm really excited to see where Evolution goes with this. Their games have always been insanely destructible and chaotic so I'm wondering how these beautiful cars will look when they're wrecked to pieces.

Knowing Evolution, expect motion blur, gorgeous environments, crazy-ass soundtrack, massive tracks, and probably bikes with ridiculous ragdoll physics.

E3 needs to be today.

Lupi1770d ago - new polish video games site

enjoy :)

Crazyglues1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Just wow, this really looks amazing, can this really be in-game...

I mean wow look at that dash... OMG! that's stunning...

This game is going to set the bar on PS4... I can't wait.. Looks Amazing..

||.........___||............ ||

inveni01769d ago

Evolution is great, but I think their goal with this game is not so much race and smash and more "this is how it feels".

Back to screenshots...this is my favorite:

I'm not a big racing fan, but this game is so pretty, I may buy it just to check out the tech.

irepbtown1769d ago

I love the pic with the two Mercs.

I knew there was something special about Drive Club from when they first showed some footage at the Playstation Conference earlier this year. Stunning looking game and it gives me all the more reason to buy a PS4. Sony have learnt a lot from the PS3 launch (which wasn't great).

I just can't wait for E3.

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SonyWarrior1770d ago

if this comes out this year i will not buy gt6

claudionmc1769d ago

They are different kind of games... GT6 will be purely SIMULATION

irepbtown1769d ago

I'm a huge GT fan, I think this game looks stunning and I will get both.

GT6 should be awesome, ultra realistic and loads of fun.
Drive Club I would expect to also be realistic (though not as much as GT6), superior graphics and bags of fun.

I think SonyWarrior, wait till E3 and I'm sure they'll both show off awesome gameplay which will tempt you to get both :D

BitbyDeath1770d ago

If this is an arcadey smash em up like Motorstorm then i'll be grabbing it day 1.

GribbleGrunger1770d ago

You might be just a tad disappointed.

ABizzel11770d ago

Unfortunately I doubt that's what it is, but if it is I will fall in love or maybe that'll be their next game since it seems Sony wants all it's studios to have 2 teams working on 2 different IP's.

Naughty Dog: Uncharted / Last of Us
Guerilla Games: Killzone / New IP

and the trend is supposedly hitting every team.

The talent on this new Evolution is insane. They have people who worked on every major racing game for the PS360 now all under one roof (Evolution, some Polyphony guys, Bizarre Creations (Project Gotham & Blur), Need 4 Speed, and Sony Liverpool (Wipeout)). I expect nothing, but greatness from them.

DeadlyFire1770d ago

Well it could be more arcade like than the GT series. I am thinking Driveclub's ambition is to be all about fun in racing and competition. Kinda like GRID, but with its own flavor.

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Tonester9251769d ago

So will this game have a massive livery customization to cooperate with the share button on the ps4?

hennessey861769d ago

A launch title, can you imagine how good the games will look 3 to 4 years down the line. It boggles the mind

StraightPath1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

great car model but awful textures on scenery and the people.

hopefully fix up environments as looking outdated. driveclub will be put to sleep by Forza.

noctis_lumia1769d ago

gt already put to sleep flopza but hey if u want bash a sony racing game to make a judgment sure take drive club but hey keep your answer till THE FINAL PRODUCT is out until then enjoy horizon which is a pile of crap btw

cant wait for gt6 which will put forza to shame again with sales and gameplay and ofc drive club final product.

zeddy1769d ago

did anyone think that motorstorm 1 looked better than motorstorm 2? it was a very nice looking game. but these look amazing.

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SlavisH21770d ago

i think ps4 and next xbox games will have to be seen in motion to really notice the difference between early-next gen and ps360. I couldnt tell these screen from forza 4 or GT5 screens

SonyWarrior1770d ago

i can tell the difference and its a huge difference......

ABizzel11770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

That's because you're thinking from memory rather than looking side by side.

Drive Club is way ahead of GT5 and Forza 4. Look at the environment, the reflections on the cars, the car models all look much better. Drive Club in-game models look as good as the Photo Mode in GT and Forza.

Drive Club:
Forza 4:

Mountain Environment
Drive Club:
GT ? could be HD Concept:
Forza 4:
Drive Club:

Driveclub Car Models vs. Photo-Mode & Kinect View
Drive Club:
GT5 5k:
Forza 4: http://img3.cache.netease.c...

Drive Club is a leap up from the PS360 car games.

TrevorPhillips1770d ago

Thanks for the comparison my friend, looks really good and cannot wait!! :D

insertnamehurr1770d ago

Theres another thing yet, driveclub has much more detail and the mountain environment is real as in 3D unlike forza 4 and gt5 theyre just background pics.

ABizzel11770d ago


You're welcome.

Vigor1770d ago

Those reflections, that lighting! the little details really do make the biggest difference.

insomnium21770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

DC looks downright photorealistic to me. If those are ingame photos I'm impressed.

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duli141769d ago

Thanks for the comparison, gave you a helpful bubble

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BitbyDeath1770d ago

Click on the images so you get a better view.
You'll certainly notice the difference then.

Twignberries1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

@SlavisH2 Then you my friend, need glasses.

noctis_lumia1769d ago

gt5 looks wayyyyyyyyyyyy better than forza 4

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TheFallenAngel1770d ago

Killzone shadow fall and driveclub day 1!

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TrevorPhillips1770d ago

Jesus Christ, I mean, Far out!! That looks crazyyy! :O

1769d ago
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