Nintendo: First-party sales up 52 percent in 2013

According to a report put out by Nintendo, sales of its first-party software titles are up 52 percent in 2013 compared to this time in 2012.

GFahim1079d ago

its quite dead here but i bet if the title read 'first party sales down by 52 percent' we will be seeing atleast 20+ comments here guaranteed lol

DA_SHREDDER1079d ago

im buying almost every Nintendo Classic that comes out.

imXify1079d ago

First party sales up, Third party sales down.

PigPen1079d ago

Why that is always the case is beyond me.

TongkatAli1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

Congrats! I don't like your games, but have to give props where its due : )

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