PS4 Must Provide a More Palatable Shopping Experience

Push Square: "We desperately want to love the new PlayStation Store on the PlayStation 3. The redesign – which was introduced in customary calamitous fashion late last year – promised a prompter, prettier shopping experience. There’s no doubt that it delivered on the latter, with large icons and a Web 2.0 [bleurgh – Ed] interface – but we’re confident that you could ride a snail-driven carthorse around the entire perimeter of the British Isles quicker than it takes to actually find and purchase a specific piece of content. And with the digital marketplace only set to get more important over the coming years, Sony must solve this most simple of problems with the PlayStation 4."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1647d ago

They need to IMO completely revamp PSN and make it nothing close to what it is now because it sucks.

iGAM3R-VIII1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Not really

If you mean PSN as in the network then no but if you mean the interface then yes. Though mind you, they already revamped the interface n the PS4 (based on the screens) which makes the interface looks more appealing and interactive. IMO the PS store is nice as well, maybe just a few speed improvements that's all.

The_KELRaTH1646d ago

The old interface was infinitely better - talk about if it works.. then break it!!

It's quite mind boggling how the devs behind the current PSN store mess can consider this anything near acceptable.

Codey471646d ago

The new store is an abomination. Cosmetically looks better....but that's about it.

Bring back the old store or at least a "choice" of either.

JoGam1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Dude I wouldn't go as far as saying it sucks but I believe we will see a totally different PSN for the PS4. If you look at the Vita as an example, the UI and features changed a lot. All the social features Sony will be adding, PSN will need to changed in some way.

As far as the PS Store, that still needs to be fixed. I went to download something and I couldn't get it to start in the queue.

Corpser1647d ago

Why wait til ps4? Make it better now, browsing the store on the Sony entertainment network website is way faster than on ps3 store

DivineAssault 1647d ago

PS3s limited memory can only go so far.. When PS4 comes around, im sure it & vita will Have a new store layout.. Synced lil ecosystem to buy & browse from.. Unfortunately i doubt it will happen with PS3.. Things are changing with all things sony & im sure all their UIs, OSs, etc will be modernized & in sync with each other in the near future..

JimmyDanger1646d ago

MS have the Windows 8/WP8/W8RT UI kernel across desktop/mobile/tablet, Google have Android/ChromeOS, which is even starting to creep into TV's, Apple have iOS/OS - and word is Samsung are working on their own OS.

Sony have phones/tablets running android/wp, PCs running W8 and various proprietary OS's across their gaming platforms.

To truly achieve this synced device/account future we're headed towards it would be in Sony's best interests to develop a true cross platform OS exclusive to their family of devices. Phones, TVs, Playstations, pcs and tablets. Both to maximize efficiency across devices and unified accounts.

Apple and Google are gearing up for the mother of "one platform to rule them all" battles as computing and media consumption evolve over the next five years, and Samsung are scrambling to fortify their own vaults and not just gift Google with victory (which they seem to be doing a pretty good job of) - and MS, a clear market leader in one of those spaces (PC os's) are racing to keep their OS boats in these new waters (WP8/W8RT).

Sony with their own Os (OS PS?) could unify their phones, tvs, gaming, tablets, cameras - and fight their corner too.

While they've been talking for a few years about structural overhaul, most of the changes thus far have been largely cosmetic, and as of now, haven't reaped huge dividends (selling office buildings to avoid a quarterly loss) - this could be just what they need.

They may be working on it right now....;)

MrBeatdown1647d ago

"There should be a specific window when new titles go live, and the firm should endeavour to achieve it every week without fail."

I've never understood this logic. You want a specific time, pick a time. Pick literally any time you want besides right smack in the middle of Tuesday afternoon and you will have your update exactly when you want it. Problem solved.

The only people who seem to complain are those who have to have their content as early as possible, yet with a set time, you don't get early updates either. For the past month or so, every update has been posted early. Some several hours early.

Lazyeye791646d ago

They should also have a store that works, ever since they updated it, it hasn't worked and I can't shop for anything. Just thankfully I don't have psn+.

DivineAssault 1646d ago

Its a pain to cycle through everything unless you know the exact name of what your looking for.. Theres endless amounts of small things you have to go through to find anything on there.. Im ok with it since i dont do very much digital shopping but i can see how it frustrates ppl.. Sony should allow ppl to choose which store they prefer to have

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