Spintires Is An Interesting Off-Road Driving Game, Featuring A Unique Terrain Deformation System

DSOGaming writes: "Our reader Andrew Gan has informed us about an interesting off-road driving game for the PC that is being Kickstarted, called Spintires. Spintires is being developed by Oovee Game Studios, and there is a tech demo for you to download. As the company claims, this tech demo does not contain any game-play element and is merely made available to demonstrate the technical aspects of Spintires."

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john21669d ago

now this looks bloody amazing. Great graphics and a brilliant deformation system

ATi_Elite1668d ago

The get your truck stuck in the mud simulator.....BRILLIANT!!!

Dem Graphics! YEH
Dat Game ENgine Oh hell yeh!

1669d ago
Az1mov1669d ago

all those comments from six years ago made me laugh, It's been a long road since though

Snookies121669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

This is definitely awesome. That tech demo was a lot of fun! Well, coming from a technical perspective of course. :]

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