A Teen Gets Jacked Up In His Sleep for His PS3 and Xbox 360

The alleged victim, a 17-year-old boy, told police he was asleep in his locked home in the 4000 block of Oregon Street at around noon Wednesday when three other teenage boys woke him up and demanded property, said Sgt. Jim Schorr of the San Diego Police Department.

After beating the alleged victim briefly, the suspects fled on foot with a Sony PlayStation and a Microsoft Xbox, Schorr said.

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decapitator3837d ago

Sucks for him. Hope they find the culprits. They are probaly his friends trying to pull a prank on him

kosha3837d ago

if i had friends that robbed me in my sleep as a prank i wouldnt be very happy and i wouldnt stay mates with them either

decapitator3837d ago

My roomate played a similar prank on me before so I know...:)

Silverwolf3837d ago

I don't mind being jacked @ff in the middle of the night. But being jacked up sucks!!!

Spinner3837d ago

Damn Nintendo fanboys.

games4fun3837d ago

that made me laugh sucks though seeing as i will be owning both a ps3 and 360 soon i hope i'm not on there list to be next lol

decapitator3837d ago

Some teenagers can be cruel as hell.

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The story is too old to be commented.