Nintendo claims ad revenue on user-generated YouTube videos

Nintendo is now claiming ad revenue on user-generated "Let's Play" videos that feature the game company's content, according to YouTube user Zack Scott who received a "content ID match claim" issued by Nintendo.

As a result, Let's Play videos using Nintendo content will be bookended by ads while content-creators will not receive any revenue for the videos.

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Sharius1891d ago

very nice way to say "scew you, consume"

PopRocks3591890d ago

I don't agree with it either, but would you rather they block the videos entirely?

Roccetarius1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

It's already bad enough as it is with ad blocking, but now Nintendo is taking it to another level of extreme. This will just lead to people not bothering making videos of their games.

@dennett316 It doesn't matter if you're a fan or not. Some people make extra money from ads to survive.

dennett3161890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

@Roccetarius...if your only motivation for making LP's is making money, then how big a fan can you really claim to be?

EDIT - If you're reliant on videogame commentary to survive, I'd suggest you have bigger things to worry about. Nintendo aren't responsible for other people's poor life choices.

Blackdeath_6631890d ago

no i think this is nintendo's way of saying "ALL YOUR VIDEOZ ARE BELONG TO US".
joking aside why would a company struggling to gain new fans further put them off by not allowing them to freely share their gaming experience on the internet. this is either a really desperate attempt to make money or a d*ck move by nintendo as a sign probably of a new philosophy with regards to their business practices. i don't get it some people are making it much easier to share content while others do their best to restrict it. i much prefer sony's atitude as opposed to microsoft and nintendo's approach to next gen

dennett3161890d ago

Nobody is stopping people from freely sharing their gaming experience...just so long as people don't monetize the videos.
LP's show the entire game from beginning to end...Sony's share button is not the same thing as doing that.
There are countless LP'ers that make the videos for fun....they will NOT be affected in any way by this. The only ones being affected are the greedy ones who thought they could make a quick buck off the concept of LP's.

ZodTheRipper1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

What's wrong with making money of LP's? Those people are investinga lot of time in it and there's obviously an audience for it. I'd rather have the money given to them than to Nintendo (which gains a lot of free advertising through it) or Youtube/Google (which has more than enough anyway)

DarkBlood1890d ago

well they can always not claim to make anything for nintendo ip lets play videos then nintendo wont get anything from it at all

Kingthrash3601890d ago

seems Nintendo is competing with EA or Capcom on the gamers most hated list.

Rrobba1890d ago

Erm...this happens with any youtube video where you don't own 100% of the right to what's being shown.

Blackdeath_6631890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

its not about what's being shown its about ad revenue

EDIT: @Rrobba
"The Youtube terms & conditions state that the revenue made from advertising goes to the original owner of the content being shown in that video" but if you created the video wouldn't that make you the original owner? nintendo did not create the video they created the game shown in the video. if i was filming in a gaming convention or at a mall talking about the wiiU would the appearance of the console or gameplay footage mean nintendo can claim all ad revenue on my video?

Rrobba1890d ago

Thats what I meant. The Youtube terms & conditions state that the revenue made from advertising goes to the original owner of the content being shown in that video, not the user.

dennett3161890d ago

No, because they're using assets that are not theirs. The commentary is owned by them, but all the art and sound assets of the game belong to whoever made it.
As for your other example, no, they couldn't claim ad revenue on brief snippets of game footage...only on footage of significant length, like LP's which show the entirety of the game.

millzy1021890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Well Microsoft does the same starting from last year with there games and I don't see a problem with it. All game companies should do it with the amount of let's play videos on YouTube, its easy money. gamers shouldn't be profiting from game videos, if you want to make money playing games enter tournaments or apply to be a games tester, I tested a pre e3 demo of dj hero 2 a few years back and for 3 hours play I got 45 quid. there realy isn't an issue here. I don't watch any let's play vids anyway, why. because I'm a gamer, I like to play games not watch them.

@blackdeath. no the original content in the video is the game just because someone records it doesn't mean its there's, its like going to a cinema and filming the feature with a camcorder then uploading it as your own. it doesnt work like that, I studied digital media production at uni and had to learn about copyright infringement.

ZodTheRipper1890d ago

It's easy money but it's also easy advertising ...being too greedy can be harmful in the long run.

TwistedMetal1890d ago

its not advertising people already know about marios and the games people are lets playing. they watch the lets play because they dont want to buy the game and play it. and minecraft is a building sandbox game and people just showed cool stuff they made. they didnt do lets plays on it. people were like coool you can make stuff im buying this. basically a demo worth of stuff not a full on complete playthrough of games you should be buying. you should never watch a whole game being played lets play style. play it yourself or are you just that boring, bland and uninspired by life that you cant even play a video game on your own. these arent movies they are games and if you want to hear peoples voices go make some friends or listen to podcast you weirdos.

theres some weird strange people in this world.

cleft51890d ago

I completely agree with you. The reality is that there are some very popular people and organizations on Youtube generating a lot of money off of other game companies IPs. If they want to make money than they should either use original content or specifically get the copyright holder's permission to use their content in a way that will result in them making a profit off someone elses work.

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