Sony teasing new PS Vita hunting game?

Those marumaru! What could they stand for?

Phantasy Star Online 2, Soul Sacrifice, Toukiden, Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, and God Eater 2. Those are this year’s PS Vita hunting games, according to a new Japanese TV spot for the handheld.

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ai_nui1743d ago

i think this is that panopticon trailer that look likes a hunting game
and there is some hints that this is the "freedom wars" sony trademarked in japan, last month? along with yu-nama and new holy invasion privacy badman?

gessekai1741d ago

Panopticon translated to Japanese doesn't fit the characters. There are 9 circles to fill with characters, Panopticon only has 7 in it's Japanese name. If it is Panopticon this little info was a waste of time, because not too long ago they released a teaser for it, why make a teaser concealing it when it's already old news? I really hope it's monster hunter, though I highly doubt it. I highly doubt it's Panopticon either.

DivineAssault 1743d ago

awesome.. New games are always appreciated

greedybear881743d ago

why are there disagrees to DivineAssault's comment? Do people not want new games? Bubble up my friend

kayoss1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Because any good news for the vita is bad news for the vita haters. I for one would love to get my hands on this game. Viva la Vita!!!! (Hope is aid it right)

abzdine1743d ago

haters hate even themselves, so no surprise that they would hate to have more games on vita

psp2roundup1743d ago

Seems odd they'd run this on TV, show the Panopticon trailer on the web and not link the two events. Here's hoping two different games are coming out.

Plus the scaling on Panopticon seems really off for a handheld game (okay, its pre-rendered, but can they really do that sort of landscape/monster/character scale on a Vita at any decent framerate?)

sherimae24131743d ago

i think that panopticon trailer is really that hunting action game stating above besides there are lots of buzz in neogaf and at dengeki forums that it is that game....
i think your denying to yourself that this isnt a vita game isnt it? well i think we can finally know next week right ^_^

Sharius1743d ago


"coop games for Vita"

Phantasy Star Online 2
Soul Sacrifice
Ragnarok Odyssey Ace
God Eater 2

what OOOOOOOOO mean? the new hunting game? maybe...

tubers1743d ago

Hope Panopticon isn't another hunting game.

Would prefer a full blown exclusive, high PV JRPG than another hunting game.. Don't think the VITA has one (not port/enhance/multiplat)

P4G = port/enhaced
FFX = port
Sen no Kiseki = port/multiplat

The VITA needs more variety in it's library.

At least a TPS/RPG (like PSP's The 3rd Birthday) would be better than another ARPG/hunting game..

Oh well.. all signs point to another hunting game.

kayoss1743d ago

Agree with you but I think Sony is trying to fill the void that was left by monster hunter when capcom decided to have that game go exclusive to Nintendo. Sony want to release a game where fans will forget about monster hunter. These type of games are very popular over there in Japan. America not so much.

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The story is too old to be commented.