I Agree With Online Passes

Gamers-Association editor Ridge Dermody agrees with online passes and doesn't think EA should have got rid of them.

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Donnieboi2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Why would u complain if even EA (one of the greediest game companies ever) is even willing to drop them? It's not like many of the developers who work on the game get paid on commission anyway, so used games don't effect how developers get paid, only publishers. And if even the publisher doesn't care, why should I? I don't think any real gamer would be begging EA to bring back Online Passes if their willing to stop putting it in our games.

Game publishers make plenty of money, and don't give a red cent to their developers (in many cases) after the game is finished.

ltachiUchiha2042d ago

I totally agree mate but you know others will have their own opinions but im definitely with you on online passes just aint the way to go.