Six reasons the next Xbox will be Better with Kinect

OXM - A new version of Kinect is unlikely to top many next generation Xbox announcement wishlists. Though a consistent seller and the basis for the odd exceptional release, Microsoft's much-toted peripheral has proven a disappointment by and large in terms of so-called "core" games such as first-person shooters.

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GalacticEmpire2036d ago

Please don't force Kinect on us Microsoft, some people don't think it's "better". At the very least don't give substance to the rumor that you MUST have Kinect connected to even operate the Xbox 3.

HammadTheBeast2036d ago

Better with Kinect

Not a bigger lie has ever been said.

Belking2036d ago

"Not a bigger lie has ever been said."

How about "it only does everything"
I'm still waiting for my cross chat and

zebramocha2036d ago

@belking the ps3 couldn't do cross chat because the os took to much ram,the vita and ps4 has it.

SixZeroFour2036d ago

@zebramocha - sony already has me sold on ps4 and i WILL be a multi console owner this time around, but where does it say that sony confirmed cross game chat on ps4?

darthv722036d ago

something that was released as an afterthought and something that is initially intended to be there from the beginning.

Its like the hdd perspective. When 360 shipped with and without the hdd, it segmented the market and the devs had to create their games to accommodate both sides.

Every ps3 shipped with a hdd and the devs knew that so there was no compromises that had to be made in regards to will this person have one or not. So with the kinect, MS knows not everyone got one for the 360 and they didnt enforce a standard upon the devs when making games.

But if every new system comes with one, the addition of support isnt a question anymore because the devs will know every system they sell a game for will be supported in some way.

the 360 could be viewed as a test market. Can something like kinect be attainable and put to use by both the consumers and the game developers? apparently the market research showed a positive response and if their move to include one with every unit is true, it can only get better.

instead of a 30% market having one (just an estimate) and the game developers toying with the idea of should we include support for it. They can pretty much be assured that a 100% market having one wont be a risk to have to worry about.

What WE as the gamers just need to be aware of is will these guy bring their best efforts to utilize the tech or just create simple place holder ideas instead of investing real creativity in putting it to good use.

There are some clever people out there that would take a good genuine shot at doing something with the tech but they need the reassurance that there is a market in place to do it. 360 isnt that reassuring but with a kinect in every 720....that is all the assurance they would need.

rainslacker2036d ago

Having it included is the only way to make it available to everyone and ensure development support. However, given motion controls in general this gen, it doesn't lend itself to being "better". Certain applications sure, but not all around.

Either way, unless the tech evolved quite a bit, I doubt it's going to be much different on the implementation side of things. Some games will use it to good effect, others will shoe-horn it in because it's expected.

I guess it really depends on your view of motion controls, and how you like to play your games.

Jek_Porkins2036d ago

We know the next Xbox will have a camera, probably Kinect 2.0, we also know their is a camera in every Smartphone, the Wii U, the PS3, Xbox 360, and the PS4 will have a "Kinect like" camera.

The important thing will be how they use it, I suspect they'll use it for navigating the interface, voice controls and things like that. Unless they have it tracking 1:1 with motion controls, we probably wont see a ton of uses for it where gaming is concerned.

On the other hand, if they do have an impressive device that can track well and work the way the original Kinect was supposed to, I don't have a problem with it at all, not all the Kinect games were bad, and I'm all for little options. At worst I wont use the options, at best I will, but no matter how little or much they show of Kinect 2.0, people will hate on it here.

I say again, options are good for gamer's, options are never bad, and if we get camera's on just about every device anyway, why hate on Microsoft alone?

Gamer-Z2036d ago

Because if the rumors are to be believed that the system wont work without Kinect then its not really an option is it.

Jek_Porkins2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

If rumors were to be believed, the next Xbox wasn't going to do anything, not allow used games, their entire 20+ studios are 6+ months behind, they cant get a Blu Ray License ect... and ect...

Rumors, rumors and more rumors, we will see on May 21st. I have a new Smartphone that has a built in camera, should I complain about it? I cant turn it off, maybe it's spying on me??

See what I mean, no matter what, it'll be an option, you aren't forced to use it. I mean I never use the camera in my phone, but it's an option, I don't fault options or extra's.

cyberninja2036d ago

"PS4 will have a "Kinect like" camera.

To me it like xbox has eye toy like camera.

hazardman2036d ago

I'm pretty sure MS wants any dev working on their console to have Kinect in game one way or another.

Jek_Porkins2036d ago

Well Halo 4 didn't have any Kinect integration, Gears Judgment didn't either. I think if it's something optional like the GPS in Forza Horizon, who cares? I mean if you don't want to use it, don't use it.

Software_Lover2036d ago

I dont understand how they have so called "forced" it on people thus far. There are games that use it there are games that dont. There are games that have added functionality with a gamepad, there are games that dont. There are apps that use it, but work fine with a remote. There are apps that have no integration at all. You can navigate the 360 without it. You can send messages and chat without it.

Am I missing something?

Bigpappy2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

You are missing the fact that you are here on N4G. This is where you come to read how much Kinect is hated. Works for me. Every time there is any topic with Kinect mention, you will find people (some who have used it, but most who never touch one) stating how much it is forced on them and that it is M$ only focus.

Fact is you and Jek_Porkins are exactly right, but are unfortunately wasting your time talking to this group. They will be back in the next article making the same lame complains.

When Sony introduces there again at E3, it will be revolutionary and they will not dear make these kind of lying comments about that, because they will have a bubble count that matches mine.

@ Black: You are missing the point I am attempting to make. I do not know you so I will give you the benefit of the doubt and respond.

What the guys above are saying and what most here on this site say regarding Kinect are not based on fact (lies). M$ has not forced Kinect on any one (not need to use Xbox or any core games). Some games are better with Kinect for quick access to items in the menu and giving quick commands to squad members. Some may argue that this could be done with a regular mic. The developers said not. They said they did not need to add any additional software to get Kinect to work so it was seamless. So even thought that was an opinion, it is stated as though it was factual.

People must control themselves a bit better on the site. Not every thing on Xbox is for everyone. Because you don't like and OPTIONAL feature does not give you the right to make up crap about it to try and bash it in every article. That's just stupid. Keep in mind, that over 30 million people own the device and actually bought software for it in higher numbers that many core offerings. They want their device supported. If you don't like it feel free to ignore it.

BlackTar1872036d ago

So if people don't like it it's obviously because they are just haters. Okay so lets use this logic and apply it to everyone who sticks up for it.

LogicStomper2036d ago

Black Tar:

"So if people don't like it it's obviously because they are just haters. Okay so lets use this logic and apply it to everyone who sticks up for it. "

The flaw here is that you are assuming N4G's community is full of well-rounded, decent people who own and have tried all the consoles. Now the non-biased people here all know this isn't the case.

KrisButtar2036d ago

The way I would say it is forced, is if every 720 comes with one and it will raise the cost. Then its being forced on me instead of an add-on. I would like the "option" to have it included or not included like the 360 bundles. Options are great, but an option that I don't want is included and raises the cost is kinda the of options I feel are forced and unwelcomed.

I will not say it is forced on me yet as I don't know if every x3 comes with one or not but I fear Mircosoft tying in the new Kinect into 720 like Nintendo tied the Gamepad into the WiiU. If the gamepad wasn't truely forced, the pro-controller would work for everything. If the 720 controller cant be used for everything, then kinect is forced.

Majin-vegeta2036d ago

Kinect is the worst thing to happen to gaming since E.T.Atari.

2036d ago
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