iOS Game Spending Alone Outpaces Nintendo 3DS And PlayStation Vita In Q1 2013

Research firms IDC and App Annie have both conducted a study which found that tablet and smartphone gaming on Apple products have eclipsed Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita software sales during the first quarter of 2013.

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nigelp5202038d ago

Casual lame iphone games< actual handheld gaming

SirBradders2038d ago

And that's the world we live in folks. companies taking advantage of the addictive personality of vulnerable people. It's like people are brainwashed by this stuff.

MikeMyers2038d ago

Brainwashed? No, it's called serving the demands out there. The world we live in is more people are playing games, how is that a bad thing? If ITunes can get more people to enjoy music is that a bad thing because you don't like their taste in music?

People need to get off their high-horses and realize there is a world outside of their own. One where we can actually have many many more choices than ever before. Want to play a 0.99 cent game? Now you can. Want to play a multi-million dollar budgeted game for $60? You still can. Brainwashed is thinking games should only serve the needs of the hardcore and that casual games can't be fun to play.

klecser2038d ago

I agree with your balanced comment. I would like to point out that iOS fanboys frequently come on here and act with behavior that is EXACTLY like what you are objecting to here. So, people here are a little sensitive because we've heard so much "iOS games are da HAXXORS and handheld games should die because my casual choice is the ONLY 'logical' choice" that we're all a little sensitive when articles like this pop up.

CommonSenseGamer2038d ago

Yeah, cause Vita and 3DS fanboys don't do exactly the same thing. Every system has fanboys and they don't care about common sense or what the facts might be telling them.

klecser2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

I never said that 3DS/Vita gamers don't do it. I'm saying that it shouldn't surprise people when they see over-sensitive comments about this issue. There is blood on the hands of all involved.

SirBradders2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

@mike i didn't say people are brainwashed i said it's like they are.
There is some logic behind what i said and i admit i didn't explain properly but i have a smartphone and i play alot of games on it so i know what im talking about when i say that most games (a good 90% if not more are based on this pay to win or pay to get it done fast scheme).

Every single city building type game (farm, castle, dragon city etc...) all design the game around paying to speed up the process of building and aquiring special units, so i ask what is the only entertainment you get by playing these games aside from knowing your pockets are bigger then the next guy or your mate because there's no real story or structure just 2 liners for you to achieve a task.

Look at dungeon hunter for example 1 and 2 you paid x amount and got a full fledged game 3 was an arena based cash grab and 4 gave back a story but in exchange for paying to win unless you can buy loadsa potions or grind for hours.

And Myers it is mostly kids pockets this effects and all it teaches them is to pay to win not use their heads to complete a game.

drizzom2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

The problem is that the casual Markets "Fee-to-Pay" business model is something that is being adopted by the console market. We never had a cashier following us around whenever we wanted to just play a game in peace. We didn't have to worry that there might be an item we want thats going to be hidden behind a paywall (yet shoved in our face at every opportunity).

Its that business model thats ruining the fun in console games. Dude if you like smartphone games, cool. But your supporting of such a manipulative business model is causing it to creep into console games.

MikeMyers2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )


Arcades were big money pits. You used to put in quarter after quarter trying to get further and further into the game. That same ideology can be applied to many smartphone games can it not?

They will always try and create new business models to get us to pay. Whether it be episodic content like The Walking Dead, or a MMO game like World of Warcraft. You could also argue sports games have their own business model, to get you to buy the game on an annual basis when some offer just a few tweaks and upgrades.

What does all of this have in common? The consumer decides their own value. If I enjoy playing Doodle Jump for 10 minutes every other day and the game cost me 0.99 cents why do you care? Why do I care if people want to spend $15 a month playing World of Warcraft or if your friend wants to spend $1.99 on a new car bundle for Gran Turismo?

What has happened is technology now permits these new business models. Why would they ignore them at their disposal? We used to wait years for a game like Metal Gear Solid to come out. Now they can keep the interest going with DLC, why is that a problem? Konami can also look to tap into the IOS market is they choose. It offers a cheaper alternative to making games. Not every studio can afford to keep making multi-million dollar games.

Apple has found a market for smaller and cheaper games that bring new and old gamers into the market looking for flash games. I see nothing wrong with it as long as it's priced accordingly. In the end it is still you as a consumer that chooses what to buy.

drizzom2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )


I was about to post a response to that but I realized as I was typing that the core reason why we are in disagreement is that from an ethical perspective, we both have very different views and, more importantly, expectations of the games we enjoy. Thus we can rationalize our points of view towards a never ending debate.

You will never understand how different passing time at an arcade while you wait for a movie is from a cashier living in your pocket wherever you go.

And I will never understand how people can settle for simpler games with a business model like that.

We'd argue forever so I'll stay away from this volatile topic.

MikeMyers2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

I guess my response would be that perhaps I don't look as deep into all of this as you do. I see it as a hobby and a small investment. I can enjoy games of all scales and on most devices. I understand the barriers games on ios devices bring and limit my budget accordingly.

What I see is more selection than any other time in history with more choices to play those games on than any time before. I also understand the economics of how costly games are to create than they used to be. What used to be a team of maybe a dozen people now takes hundreds. Games used to cost $50 back in the 80's and now they are just $60, so maybe my expectations aren't as high as high as yours. I can see the need for DLC and various other business models coming into place. Developers are also likely to try their games on the widest audience possible and smartphones have a much larger market now.

I don't see one cannibalizing the other, I see them all being able to co-exist because there is still a market for dedicated handhelds like Vita and 3DS, there's still a market for console gaming and the PC as well. Sure there will be some learning curves. We've already seen PC games conform to console gamers due to its marketing but we still see great games on the PC.

We want the industry to flourish and be vibrant. Not a market that is still just aiming at the hardcore male aged 14-22 but also those who may now have grown up on videogames and want to play games with their kids and wives/husbands. Lots of people just don't have as much time anymore to play 60 hour role playing games. These ios games can fill that void. It's all about enjoyment and sorry to say but games like Doodle Jump are fun. They are not deep games but not every game has to be does it? People can play them on their coffee breaks.

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DivineAssault 2038d ago

There are more casuals out there than cores so this doesnt surprise me.. The wii blew up because of ppl who like these phone games.. Core gamers are but a small portion of the industry unfortunately.. Thats why i think MS is going for that crowd with their nx gen system.. It will have enough power to run nx gen multiplats & look nice but it will draw in these types of casual gamers with their new kinect & apps