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Submitted by halocursed 1003d ago | news

Let's Plays, Nintendo and the Audacity of Monetization

GR - "Jenn Frank confronts the issue of monetizing Let's Play videos." (3DS, Industry, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Wii, Wii U)

gamer42  +   1003d ago
I honestly had no idea people made money off Let's plays. I personally never really cared for them, I never liked hearing someone's voice over the actual gameplay.
But like the writer says Let's Plays are basically a reaction to the game and their own ideas albeit reacting to nintendo products.

Let's players have been profiting off nintendo (and other's) games, and now nintendo is trying to profit off let's players, that's how i see it.

But I have one question, why is it a big deal now? I'm pretty sure sega, konami, and capcom has done something like this (no seriously I need someone to explain this to me.)

In the future I see more companies doing this in some form, especially sony since the PS4 has the gameplay video recorder.
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admiralvic  +   1003d ago
This is simply a "big deal" because people want to make it a big deal. I know this sounds stupid to say, but that's pretty much how all these things start.

Super Monkey Ball has locked saves? Okay. Biohazard the Mercs has it and you would think Capcom was charging $60 dollars for the mode and added micro transactions to do anything past play 1 stage as Chris.
Various fighters charge for pallet swaps (worse being Blazblue)? Okay. Capcom charges for new pallets in Street Fighter III and we hear rants about nickel and diming.
Bayonetta has a trophy / achievement called "Naughty Tentacles" and people laugh. God of War: Asecension makes a trophy called "Bros before Hoes" and you would think it required you to sexually assault a woman and then rape her in a corner before she dies as your bros high five you and say good job Kratos.
Soul Sacrifice makes Japanese voice acting paid DLC (or free with preorder) and the oppsite as DLC in Japan? People instantly flock to preorder it. Metro: Last Light offers Ranger Mode in what seems to be a first run edition? People instantly swear off buying the title on the grounds that preorder / DLC is getting out of hand.

I am not saying any of these issues don't matter, nor do I think anyone is wrong, but I am saying that most of these things only become an issue because someone decided to make it one, over most people generally caring.

Anyway, onto the explanation. The gist is that these people were making money off their "work" and can no longer do so. We've seen a few other articles about this, where people were angry about other companies making claims. Not a whole lot more to it than that, though a lot of people think they're doing Nintendo a service (free advertisement) and now feel slighted because they can no longer profit off their "work". In either case, it seems pretty stupid and wish more people would upload for the sake of uploading. I got roughly 500 videos (cover mostly niche games) and have never made a cent off my YT channel, nor do I ever really plan to try to make a profit from it either. I just so happen to really enjoy gaming and rather inform people than try to make a quick buck.
gamer42  +   1003d ago
Honestly when I found out that people can make profit out off these let's plays, I had a feeling telling me that everyone doing this must just do it for the money. But as cheesy as this may sound, you helped me strengthen my belief that people will continue to do this out of because they want to, not because they have to to make more money. Of course I may not appreciate what you do as much as the guy who really does enjoy watching LPs but I appreciate it none the less.
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NerfHerder  +   1003d ago
I doubt people are making that much money from Let's Play videos of Nintendo games to kick up such a fuss. Just any negative news for Nintendo is great click-bait these days.
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Blacktric  +   1003d ago
"I doubt people are making that much money from Let's Play videos of Nintendo games to kick up such a fuss."

Apparently some of the famous ones make upto 800k a year, if not more.

To be honest I couldn't care less about how this might affect some people who just sit on their butts all day while recording themselves playing and talking about videogames (or their personal goddamn lives) in a childish manner and earns ten, twenty times of what most people earn in a year.

Retsupuraes (break downs of horrible let's plays) are completely fine though.
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gamer42  +   1003d ago
And here I thought they were just really into their hobby...
TwistedMetal  +   1003d ago
they are making a lot of money and they are taking money away from nintendo because instead of buying games people will just watch them to stay hip and talk about the games with other kids in school. a lot of people are just like i will watch super mario instead of buying it and it will be like the same thing to them. stop watching people play games and play them yourselfs.
lilbroRx  +   1003d ago
And I see journalists are already finding ways to spin this as negatively as possible, facts be damned.
Gamesgbkiller  +   1003d ago
WoW Nintendo.

What's wrong with companies this week.

EA turned good .. and now Nintendo turned "$$$".

Someone wake me up please 0-0
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Brucis  +   1003d ago
While I can't really say I support this it's not really greedy to say 'If money is going to be made off of our games it's going to us, the creators'. IIRC they'll only be doing this to the ones that make a lot of money, the ones that run ads and are popular enough to make more than the average person's yearly wage.
kagon01  +   1003d ago
That's because Wii U isn't selling, so that is why Nintendo has to find another alternative of profiting(extortion in my eyes of course).
PigPen  +   1002d ago
Nintendo has billions in the bank. That's like pennys but they do add up.
ThePsychoGamer  +   1003d ago
Honestly the last thing Nintendo should want is to make enemies of LPers. Nintnedo is already profiting enough from the free advertisement for their games and systems.
admiralvic  +   1002d ago
Serious question, why are the LPer's so threatening?

As far as I can tell, the LPer's have virtually no hand and can't beat Nintendo without beating themselves. Like lets look at the facts...

If LPer's remove NIntendo videos from their YT, they're effectively losing views and will allow less popular channels to prosper.
If LPer's stop covering Nintendo products, they will lose subscribers, effectively have less content to upload and overall lessen their overall offering.
If LPer's do either of the things above, Nintendo fans would no doubt notice and either stop subscribing or ask them what is going on. Even if they don't give the real reason (assuming it's Nintendo claiming copyrights, thus removing cash flow), there will no doubt be someone complaining about them, which will no doubt get media attention (this type of thing SCREAMS Kotaku after all) and in no time they will be labeled as greedy. Thus once they get labeled by the community as greedy, they might not lose their "status", but word of mouth will most likely end up with the channel dying off or becoming a shell of what it was.

Needless to say, none of these options are exactly ideal and they stand to lose more than they stand to gain. People seem to quickly forget that someone will fill the void, especially on something like Nintendo games. Maybe if these were import Japanese RPG's that they uploaded videos with translations and all that, sure, they would have some power. But I can assure you that someone else will cover the Nintendo scene (probably are plenty of people that are small time already) regardless of something silly like copyright claims.
klecser  +   1002d ago
1. Person makes a video with them giving voiceover commentary of a movie and posts it, profiting from it.

2. MPAA sues (rightly in this case) for it to be taken down.

3. No one is surprised.

So how is this any different?

You can't profit from someone else's work. Its why copyrights exist.

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