Rainbow 6 Patriots Pre-Orders Removed From GameStop

IGN - After two years, the retailer has removed Rainbow 6 from its system -- something it rarely does without reasons for concern.

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sandman2242014d ago

I was really looking forward to buying r6p. I loved rainbow 6 Vegas. It was a classic.

snipes1012014d ago

I see this going in a couple directions:

1) It's actually cancelled. The game never found a direction and got canned.

2) Ubisoft decided to turn it to a next gen title and decided to switch the title, meaning that Rainbow 6 doesn't exist as patriots, but some other sub title.

3) Maybe they decided to start over from scratch and change the game's direction, therefore delaying it indefinitely.

No matter what, I really hope it's not cancelled.

Anyone else got any ideas?

zeal0us2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

I hope it number 2 and pray that it isn't number 1.

PigPen2014d ago

Me to sandman224, Gamestop need to stop playing.

jaymart2k2014d ago

If UBISoft has though me anything,when a Tom Clancy title is announced add 3-4 years after the original release date is announced.

Just going by the track record of the last 2 games, Ghost Recon , Splinter Cell.

-GametimeUK-2014d ago

Ghost Recon was a joke. By the time it came out I didn't care.

-GametimeUK-2014d ago

Vegas was awesome. I loved my online back around 2006. I wish I could have that initial buzz back with games like R6V.

coolbeans2014d ago

Same here. I could play Attack & Defend on Calypso Casino for days.

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