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Prcko2035d ago

i only see 1 new screenshot,rest of them are old

BehindGames2035d ago

rest of them released in high quality and officially from rockstar

2034d ago
abzdine2034d ago

old or not, this game looks crazy!
i wonder if these are next gen screens?? they look too good to me!

OlgerO2034d ago

Im getting really tired of the way rockstar teases the game. Im actually not planning to buy the game at this point, and am more interested in Watchdogs. This might change after the release of some gameplay though.

psyxon2034d ago

So sick of people asking for gameplay for this game when every trailer released so far has been of just that. Rockstar ALWAYS does this with their games. Stop being a crybaby because they aren't catering to YOUR liking, when this is anticipated to be the best GTA yet. Damn whiny kids in the community today.

OlgerO2034d ago

@influxity I know that all that has been released has been in game but i want to see someone actually controlling a character and moving through the world.

teedogg802034d ago

That's just R*'s style. Get over it. We all know that -even without actual gameplay videos- the game is gonna be sick.

Nafon2034d ago

It's not really gameplay unless the video is what you see when you play the game. The trailers thus far have introduced the characters and what we can expect for graphics and environment. They accurately show the graphics, but not gameplay. For example, we have no idea what the shooting and driving mechanics will be like.

I prefer trailers like this so that the game is completely new and surprising, but they aren't gameplay trailers.

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claud32034d ago (Edited 2034d ago )

Old old news... Not R*'s fault

It's gaming sites that still pass them off as new

isyourhouseonfire2034d ago


Nafon2034d ago

Its not going to be on the next xbox... Just because it is coming out around the time the next consoles are doesn't mean anything. Look at san andreas, it came out in June 2005 and the xbox 360 was released in November. Both are a proper sendoff to the consoles they were released on.

DeadlyFire2032d ago

If its coming to next Xbox then it should land on PS4 as well.

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