Why I Love Final Fantasy's Jim Winchester tells the world about his love of the Final Fantasy series and why it will always hold a special place in his heart.

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Godmars2902035d ago

I like the series, just hate the direction its taken.

Which only started with ten, which isn't that long ago.

Xof2035d ago

Final Fantasy was released in 1987. The "first era" lasted until Final Fantasy V in 1992--five years. The "second era" lasted until Final Fantasy IX in 2000--that's eight years.

It has been 13 years since then. Basically, the time period that you're saying "isn't that long ago" really is.

It's 2013. That's 13 years. The franchise is only 26 years old, this year. That fully half of the franchise's history.

Me? I like FFX. And FFXII, for all of it's troubles. But even FFXII was SEVEN years ago. Square Enix has not only produced the worst Final Fantasy games, it has also managed to do so at a greatly reduced rate. At this point, anyone claiming to still love final fantasy is speaking just as much of the Square-Enix produced garbage as the fantastic Square titles.

TheBossMan2035d ago

X was fantastic. I don't care who attacks it, I'll defend it regardless.

SirBradders2034d ago

Bossman i agree totally for me 13 was the only crap one and 11 only because im not really an mmo fan.

2035d ago
Codey472035d ago

I fell out with Final Fantasy when the developer pitted me for a fight with a garden shed.

Hit it's weak points for massive damage!

gamernova2034d ago

I admit that I wanna do things to Yuna. Sexual things lol

SirBradders2034d ago

Is it the whole blue green eye thing she got going on.