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God of War: Ascension Now Officially $40

God of War: Ascension today received a $20 official price cut. This brings the standard price from $59.99 to $39.99. (God of War: Ascension, PS3)

Y_5150  +   777d ago
Well that's reasonable. It's been out for over two months.
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Skips  +   777d ago
Pretty much, Tomb Raider is $39.99 too...

EDIT: Biochock Infinite's at $49.99. Wonder why there's no mention of these titles too...
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famoussasjohn  +   777d ago
Because those are sale prices. Tomb Raider is $49.99 at Best Buy, so it's not a set price like GoW:Ascension. Well, that's what it sounds like from the article.
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Skips  +   777d ago

Tomb Raider is $39.99 at GameStop too. It's actually been sitting at $39.99 for quite awhile, dropped from $49.99.

Best Buy usually aren't up to date with prices. Not even compared to GameStop. lol
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famoussasjohn  +   777d ago
Sonic200 - true, but thankfully we can price match most places these days. I try to avoid Gamestop at all costs.
Donnieboi  +   777d ago
After ps4 comes out, I hope ps3 games are capped at $40 tops. I dont wanna pay $60 for games on ps3, as that would only give greedy companies the idea that they should be able to charge even more for ps4 games.
coolbeans  +   777d ago
The problem I see with that rationality is PS360 development costs won't magically plummet when their successors arrive (unless the team itself decides there's no need to push these systems any farther).
Skips  +   777d ago
Good price for a good game...
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ziggurcat  +   777d ago
that didn't take long...
HammadTheBeast  +   777d ago
3 months is pretty long.
Corpser  +   777d ago
Flop confirmed
cee773  +   777d ago
Troll confirmed



Not to mention VG always undertracked sony
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dale_denton  +   777d ago
cpayne93  +   777d ago
It probably won't quite do gow3 numbers but by no mean is it a flop. Its selling well.
testerg35  +   777d ago
Its a trip how games, even AAA ones, go down in price rather quickly.
Pintheshadows  +   777d ago
I saw Hitman Absolution for £14 in Tesco the other day. I know it was last year but still. That is crazy.
sourav93  +   777d ago
What's crazier is that it's free with PS+.
Williamson  +   777d ago
I really enjoyed the combat in that game and the graphics were probally the best ive seen on consoles.
Aclay  +   777d ago
Bought a few weeks ago at this price when Amazon had it during a Gold Box Event. Haven't started playing it yet though, got to wait until I finish another game until I get to GOW:A.

There's been so many varying opinions on the game from reviewers, so I'm looking forward to judging it myself.
VonBraunschweigg  +   777d ago
Play on Hard, otherwise you'll walk through the game without any real problems untill chapter 28 where your skills will be tested. Oh and pull out the internetcable, you do not want to finish that chapter post-patch.

Good luck & have fun.
Aclay  +   777d ago
Alright thanks, I'll keep that in mind. I beat GOW3 on Hard Difficulty, but to me it felt a little easier than both GOW1 or 2 on Hard, so I might go ahead and give Ascension a go on Hard initially.
VonBraunschweigg  +   777d ago
I assume the 2 pumba's who disagreed with us bought it day one, played on normal, got stuck & asked for a patch to help-em out:)

Sad thing is they got it. But nevermind, I noticed it to with God of War 3. Big expensive game, bigger audience needed, make it a bit easier, we see that all the time. But not really a problem if there's a higher difficulty available, one that's fair.
rajman  +   777d ago
For UK buyers its £19.99 @ Amazon
-GametimeUK-  +   777d ago
I may pick this up now or maybe wait a lil longer and see if I can snatch it for cheaper. I'm not in a rush to buy it. Recently got Tomb Raider, though.
Gamer-Z  +   777d ago
I for one enjoyed Ascension I thought it was a solid entry to the franchise, a little short but still good.
brettyd  +   777d ago
Just went to check the price on amazon, saw that Crysis 3 is $24.99. Picked it up, can't beat that price.
ianblake  +   777d ago
all the games should be 39.99
nick309  +   777d ago
Worst gow ever, i couldve barely finish it with all those bugs even after the patches. Well the combat was a pain too cuz they dont allow you to do combos without filling that bar that runs out after 1 hit. Also.. Enough with prequels. It had a lame story compared to past prequels and main games.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   777d ago
Still $30 to much.I found this game added nothing to a awesome series.Complete unneeded cash grab.

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