Elder Scrolls Online- Gathering and Exploration

Creative Director Paul Sage describes what you'll find as you explore every corner of Tamriel.

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Garbanjo0011916d ago

Wow. This might be the first and only MMO that I would be interested in playing.

Abriael1916d ago

Fantastic video. It really feels like an Elder Scrolls game now :D

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1915d ago

Well, it already looks better than Skyrim so that's a plus. Of course it's hard for any Elder Scrolls game to be worse than Skyrim to begin with.

ZitterZap1915d ago

Is this on the same engine as Skyrim? Modding potential???

RedSoakedSponge1913d ago

you wont be able to mod an mmo...... obviously.

ZitterZap1912d ago

Of course not modding it gameplay wise but creating custom looking items/armor etc is not out of scope even changing the colors on stuff.