Short History of Sony's Remote-Play Feature

A short history of one of the most desired features for many Playstation gamers, Remote-Play.

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GribbleGrunger2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

It's a worthwhile recap.

guitarded772042d ago

If remote play works well with the PS4, I will be so damn happy :D

Kingthrash3602042d ago

same thing I was thinking, they have been preaching remote play for a while....but since the purchase of gaikie its pretty much a done vita is waiting!

tubers2042d ago

"We were shot down again when it was stated that not all PS4 games would have this feature at the start but rather over-time"

I thought Yoshida said "I would be sad if it didn't work day one".. guess he chose his words wisely if things don't go as people expected.

I hope Gaikai is thrown out of the equation for in-home remote-play.