Why Don't We Have Yakuza 5 Yet? The Fans Want to Know

GameSkinny: Any kind of news on Yakuza 5's possible localization would be nice, even the news no fan wants to hear.

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jc485732037d ago

Sega is currently being sued. I hope that doesn't affect them. I mean, it would be a great time to release at this late in the generation before next gen appears.

Polva2037d ago

Knowing their intentions would be something, even if they're not sure of the future.

I would punch 10 babies to see Yakuza 5 in the US.

joxef2037d ago

Yes, please. I just got into Yakuza last year. I would like to see more of it.

wishingW3L2037d ago (Edited 2037d ago )

it might be because of reverse importing because the game's really expensive in Japan... This is my only theory because all Yakuza games are in Japanese so they don't even need to hire voice actors to dub it. They just need to translate the text and that is it. Profit even if the game sells like crap.

Man I really want to play as Haruka. People say the gameplay is even better than Miku Project Diva and [email protected] combined!

Just take a peek at all this freaking awesome stuff for god's sake! I need this game!!

This game can be a sleeper hit if properly marketed.

Inception2037d ago

I don't think that simple. You are correct about Sega don't need to hire a new VA. But they still need to pay those japanese VA again, because Sega only contract their voices only for japan, but not for releasing their voices in US. It's just like paying a license.

And i don't think it will automaticly made a profit even the game sells like crap. You forgot that Sega must bring those money back to japan. And Yen currency against US dollar will made a big headache for Sega or any japanese company who released their product in US.

Anyway, as a big Yakuza fans i also want Sega to localize Yakuza 5. But i heard Yakuza 4 and Dead Souls sold really crap in the west. Maybe Sega just thinking that Yakuza fans outside japan don't interested with Yakuza anymore...

Polva2037d ago

The last thing you said is what I'm worried most about, myself. Localizing Yakuza 5 would be extremely expensive thanks to the Japanese celebrity VAs and brand licensing all over the game. The only real option imo would be a digital-only release to help cut down costs, and even then it would be a tough financial gamble.

Just because I and other fans would buy the game day one, doesn't mean the average consumer would. Marketing to a wider audience itself would be extremely expensive. From a business standpoint, it just doesn't seem like a good title to localize.

RyuStrife2037d ago (short url)


Hopefully the links works here on N4G. Anyway, it's to show why there isn't a lot of dual audio by choice, like what Inception has mentioned.

tiffac0082036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Yakuza 4 did sell less than Yakuza 3 but I think that was okay since we did get to see Dead Souls.

On the other hand, the sales of Dead Souls was a disaster and I have a gut feeling if we do not see Yakuza 5, its because Sega thinks localizing it would be a waste of time and money because of what happened to Dead Souls.

I just hope I'm wrong. Very very wrong because I would love to see Yakuza 5 localized.

Yi-Long2037d ago

... but they could already 'reverse import' the version that's sold in Hong Kong for about 50 bucks orso...

I really hope to see a subtitled release for Yakuza 5 one day though, cause I really enjoyed Yakuza 4.

matrixman922037d ago

I want the freaking HD collection

yewles12037d ago

"Why Don't We Have Yakuza 5 Yet? "

You didn't buy the other games?...

jc485732037d ago

that's exactly what Sega said. They were giving people a chance to buy Binary Domain and Yakuza Dead Souls which they rereleased as bundle at one point at a fair price. Seems like no one did. They told the fans to spread the words as well because the sales will determine if Sega will localize Yakuza 5 or not.

Yi-Long2037d ago

... cause those were mediocre games. Keep it!

We DO want Yakuza 5!

fossilfern2037d ago

Though at the same time we shouldn't have to do Segas job. its their job to get the word out.

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