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Submitted by TFXR 1000d ago | opinion piece

Nintendo’s Secret War Against YouTubers Will Cost Gamers Considerably

FleshEatingZipper writes: Sometimes, there’s nothing more enjoyable than a Let’s Play video. They’re not always called Let’s Play, they’re Quick Looks, they’re our very own FEZ PLAYs, they’re whatever you like. If broadcast sports or Mystery Science Theater 3000 have taught us anything, it’s that almost any form of entertainment is enhanced by color commentary. A few years ago, a bill was introduced into US Senate that would to impose penalties on those who streamed copywritten material, which was construed as a government attempt to ban Let’s Play videos. While the bill’s creators have said that wasn’t the aim, it appears that Nintendo would have no issue with a variant of it as they’ve now sent out Content ID notices to Let’s Play producers like Zack Scott who rely on YouTube ad revenue to, well, live. (3DS, Industry, Wii, Wii U)

joxef  +   1001d ago
This irks me so much, especially as a long time Nintendo fan boy. Definitely not buying anything from them for a while.
Phil32  +   1001d ago
Yeah. They should have threatened to take down channels like Microsoft.

If THIS is what pisses you off about Nintendo, your priorities are severely screwed up.
joxef  +   1001d ago
I still like Nintendo overall, never said I didn't. I'm just saying, it's not a cool move either way. Sure, not as extreme as Microsoft or what Sega did with the Shining Force thing, doesn't mean I shouldn't dislike this action, though.

If you aren't at least a little upset about this, then your priorities are severely screwed up, as well, I guess.
DivineAssault  +   1000d ago
I stopped supporting them as soon as the wii u came around.. They have been making some very foolish decisions & arent doing anything thats appealing to me as a gamer so im done with them until i see change.. I have been a nintendo supporter since NES (even bought virtual boy) & have been there through thick & thin but enough is enough.. Its like they think ripping ppl off is funny or something..
RTheRebel  +   1000d ago
You expect people to believe your response?LOL
cmon Divine you a Drone lol
ZodTheRipper  +   1000d ago
I'd not call it ripping off, they still release high quality games once in a while's more like they lost their focus long ago and that's why I'm not supporting them since I've sold my Wii. News like that certainly don't make it better.
gamer42  +   1001d ago
Wait people make money off Let's Play? That's ... I don't know how to feel about that...
TFXR  +   1001d ago
They're incredibly popular. Quick Looks make up a lot of Giant Bomb's traffic, too.
MoveTheGlow  +   1000d ago
Yes, but GB gets actual permission. They have to, they're part of a much bigger company now. Some companies negotiate that they demo the game, or guide through it, which often turns into a Quick Look EX.

But yes, definitely they get traffic! Plenty from me, too!
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scottd  +   1000d ago
so if they were doing the videos and making no profit this would not be an issue??
dennett316  +   1000d ago can do LP's all you like but if you're monetizing them, Nintendo have put a stop to that unless you have some sort of deal in place.

It's odd. All the ones complaining about this are the ones who are making money using the assets of others without permission. People are saying that LP's are not about the game, but the commentary, and I find that massively absurd. Without the game - and all the assets and mechanics which belong to other people - there's nothing to comment over.

Machinima even had the gall to ask Notch for money because the videos made using his game amounted to free advertising for it, and they deserved a cut despite already making money off the ads they put in the videos. The greed and sheer balls it takes to ask that of the game creator is staggering.
A lot of LP'ers do it for the love of the game, or even to mock a terrible game in a funny way. Nintendo isn't stopping anyone from making the vids, they're just stopping people profiteering off their work.

If the LP'ers are so bothered, why don't they stop monetizing the vids, but charge for their commentary (which they DO own) in the style of Rifftrax...that way they make money on what they actually can call their own created content. If it's all about the commentary, then there should be no problem with that set up?
RuleofOne343  +   1000d ago
One thing for those folks to do is find a way around this crap or stop making vids & they can't do what their trying to do.
sloth3395  +   1000d ago
Nintendo doesn't have a problem with people making the videos as long as they don't try to profit from it. You can make videos all you want as long as their is no gain for yourself.
PopRocks359  +   1000d ago
It's not even that. From what I understand this won't even affect all Nintendo related uploads. Just videos featuring certain games at a certain length.

For example, it probably won't hurt game videos of Super Metroid. But it would probably affect a Let's Play of Zelda Wii U when it comes out.

We don't know the specifics yet so I wish people would stop freaking out with their knee-jerk reactions. As Phil32 said, they could be removing videos and leaving strikes on people's accounts like Microsoft and Sega.
dennett316  +   1000d ago
It's telling that they use MST3K as an example considering how Rifftrax operates now. They've monetized their content by offering up the commentary on its own for a small fee, which then must be synced up to the appropriate video file.

Notice how they don't actually use the movie footage to make their money? Well that's what these LP'ers who monetize their videos are complaining about....they want to be able to use assets that are not owned by them in order to make a quick buck.

Nintendo are not waging war on LP's, or on fans of their games, they're clipping the wings of the greedy few who think they're somehow entitled to use anything they want to make money...regardless of who actually owns the assets being used.
millzy102  +   1000d ago
all game companies should do this, most people play games and make LP vids for the love of it, the few who profit off it can do it in other legal ways, its like going into a cinema and recording a film by camcorder whilst talking over the top and then uploading it as your own work to make money off, that is illigal, so why do people think they have the right to do it with video games. back in the golden times of gaming you couldn't really record any games and if you could there was no where to upload it to so why is this now deemed essential now. I play games not watch them.
TwistedMetal  +   1000d ago
people should actually be mad at the people who just go around watching these without ever playing the game or buying the games and if you want to hear someones elses voice get some friends or listen to a podcast. lets play lame commentary is just busy talk. you want to watch a moive with commentary go to walmart and buy one with the extra commnetary.

this is games gamers play them. casual gamers sit and watch like chumps.
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GABRIEL1030  +   1000d ago
WTF. Nintendo is dumb, then the gains for upload Nintendo's videos in Youtube will be for the company, few people could invest and spend time and resources in edit and publish reviews, previews or gameplay footage for the Nintendo games.

Sony is making the opposite with the Share buttom in PS4 controller, because upload gameplay videos are a nice form of free advertising for the games and the system. In my case. First I look the review and gameplay of a game and then I decide If I'll gonna to buy it. With Share I could have a personal opinion of my friends, for example.

Bad for Nintendo they are abusing of their fans, not E3 conference, not third partie support and the same games every year, even Sega never went so stubborn. Dreamcast never deserved its cruel destiny.
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PopRocks359  +   1000d ago
Yeah, they're so abusive. They're so mean to their fans for letting them continue to do exactly what they've been doing with their IPs and content.

Also SEGA spent a lot of time outright removing videos and leaving strikes on peoples' accounts.
mamotte  +   1000d ago
What? Secret war? It wont cost money to youtubers, it wont take down entire channels like MS, it wont cost money to us... what's the big deal? Install adblock on firefox, like normal people do, and move away.

Seriously, gamers these days make a storm in a glass of water, plus, all the videos are: Reviews, these usually have other ads, and guides, but since Nintendo is "for kids" and "easy" no hardcore should see'em... what are you wining about? AMV's?

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