Indie Game, Sons Of Nor, Could Come To Wii U

We recently reached out to Julian Mautner, Founder of Stillalive Studios, on the possibility of Sons of Nor making it over to Wii U given the Wii U’s unique control-style and the outcome of the talks were rather positive with Mautner deciding that a Wii U port of the game would make viable stretch goal option.

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jakemail2038d ago

Oh, but the wii u has no games i thought. Why do people insist that there are no games for wii u when there is already about 90 games available for it and a ton of independent games and exclusives coming out for it
not to mention all of the mobile and internet games that might be coming to the system.

_QQ_2038d ago

Well most of those games are ports, other than lego city and MH tri Ultimats the wiiu is not worth it right now, that is untill they release all these amazing games they have been announcing.

jakemail2038d ago

I know that it's not really worth it to most people right now I'm just saying that there are games for it and that there is alot more coming.