Final Fantasy XIV Gets More Microsoft-Branded Artwork, New UI Screenshot

People have been speculating all over the place about the co-marketing partnership between Square Enix and Microsoft that has been going on for a while to promote Final Fantasy XIV: A Ralm Reborn and Internet Explorer 10, and today it brought another piece of artwork by Lead Character Designer Akihiko Yoshida.

In addition to that a new screenshot shows new UI systems.

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ashiksorel2038d ago

The artwork keeps getting better and better.

Abriael2038d ago

Well, it's pretty much the same I would say, at least quality-wise, though the black mage AF is one of my favorites.

Crystallis2038d ago

You have all the AF gear for black mage in Reborn Abriael?

Abriael2038d ago

@Crystallis yep :D I have the full sets for BLM and PLD

Crystallis2037d ago

wow, look great. Cant wait to get my hands on this on PS3.

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FamilyGuy2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

I know nothing has been announced yet but with the re-branding/name change what are the chances of a 360 version being in the cards?

It was originally announced by Jack Trenton himself that FF14 was console exclusive to the PS3 but that was years ago and under the title of FF14 Online, not FF14:A realm Reborn

It never got its PS3 release and now we're waiting on ARR, I'm pretty sure it's still exclusive but with the re-branding what's stopping them from changing their minds about it if Microsoft made an offer?

Just random thoughts, been waiting years for this freakin game -_-

Abriael2038d ago

360, I seriously doubt it, the console is at the end of its life. 720 maaaaybe but the possibility is very slight. The reason why the game wasn't on 360 to begin with were the policies of Xbox live, and I doubt those are gonna change.

FamilyGuy2038d ago

Oh right, I remember now, forgot all about that!
Something about how closed their online system was.

dendenmooshi2037d ago

Yea, it explains it in one of the links in the article.

"Everything seems to point to the fact that the game was never announced on the 360 was due to Xbox Live’s policies and those aren’t very likely to radically change with the next console that will be announced soon."

"It’s more likely that Microsoft Japan simply wants to push Windows 8 in the country"

You never know though

nbagnall2037d ago

No more pictures!!! Give us a release date :)