Call of Duty Ghosts Lag Compensation?

When it comes to Call of Duty, sadly the first thing that comes to many players minds is, Lag Compensation. This feature has plagued the COD games for a few years now and is the main contributor to the RAGE one feels while playing. Things like being milliseconds behind your opponents, curving bullets etc. are just some of the many things that comes with lag compensation. So why put it in the game if it causes more problems?

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ATi_Elite2041d ago (Edited 2041d ago )

To compensate for the LAG COD:G will have even more LAG!

Cough "Dedicated Servers" Cough would cure a lot of console Lag.

Jek_Porkins2041d ago

Dedicated servers would work, but I feel like Activision wont want to pay for those year after year. Since COD games have a strong community for years and years, it would render those games useless after they cut the servers.

loulou2041d ago

dedicated servers are not the be all and end all if they are not region filtered as well.

a big thing that would go towards helping on-line multiplayers run smoother, would be to region filter most genres by default.

who in their right mind would knowing join a game hosted on the other side of the atlantic/world??

TheBrownBandito2040d ago


Spot on. BF3 is better but still awful because it doesn't have a proper server browser. I want to be able to set a very tight latency range, say 10-20ms. If it takes ages for the game to populate, so be it. Anything is better than ending up with the fastest connection to the server.

I have up to 80Mbps on 10ms. Being penalised on COD whilst giving all the other players a buttery smooth game is infuriating. You would also have to be a complete idiot to think it promotes a healthy online community.

gedden72041d ago

Just needed to state that because not everyone knows that.

Problem is that the CoD series is built on a VERY out dated engine that manipulates frame rates so that it can stay so smooth (60 fps). By doing this creates all types of dev buffoonery. Dying behind corner, horrible hit detection, opponents popping up from nowhere, crazy speed differences you know the crap we deal with all the time. This is why Activision would have never get dedi servers because then gamers would blame the game itself and wouldn't blame their's and other's connection speeds or the devs.
Think about no one says Activision SUCKS!!! They always say YOU SUCK, Treyach/Sledghammer SUCKS or THIS GAME SUCKS which is kinda the right way of thinking. But its all up to Activision.

New Engine you SAY..... Hmmmmm I would wait until Activision or whatever CoD dev proves it to all of us. BTW New Engine doesn't mean the same one and just rehashed so much its a "New Engine"... NO! If Ghosts is that, IM DONE!

But a modern, brand new CoD Engine alone would help tremendously with the lag and if they would (i can almost guarantee they wont) use dedi servers in conjunction with this new Engine, then we'd be in business.

But they wont...

ATi_Elite2041d ago

Has ZERO to do with the Engine it's the fact that COD is Peer to Peer and they have some Gamer hosting the game instead of DEDICATED SERVERS!

So if the host has CRAP Internet then it severally effects the game.

NOT too mention you ALWAYS have some MORON with high ping trying to log on and totally ruining the game.

So yes Region Filters are a must so South Amercians can be FORCED to stay on SOuth AMerican servers.

(No disrespect but S.A. Internet is garbage and the LAG always seems to follow right after you start hearing or seeing Portuguese).

gedden72038d ago

you think COD is the only game thats PEER to PEER?

Uncharted is PEER to PEER and its not that bad... I SEEN WITH MY OWN EYES THAT ITS THE ENGINE. SEARCH "BlackOps2 Lag Compensation and Review"

THIS WILL EXPLAIN IT all... its the engine!

ACESupERIC2041d ago

I've been a fan since cod1 and while the games, imo, have gotten better, there is no excuse for the technical glitches that seem to be the standard now. Iv bought every cod since 2 day one. Ghosts will be the first time I don't. If it has a true new engine and no lag compensation then ill get it. I do love cod but I can't see myself buying another technically broken game like lag ops 2.

SpitFireAce852040d ago

Like most of you said COD needs dedicated servers.And Activision is to cheap/greedy even though the game sells
20mill+ between the XB360 and PS3.