EA ditches online passes - good news or shorter games?

With online passes becoming a thing of the past for EA, will they simply make shorter games and yield more returns from digital content.

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RuleofOne343 1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Well if that's gone so are micrtranactions the new pass buy in cause am ready for it.

Xof1745d ago

Is it even possible for EA to start making shorter games? The average length is, what, 4 hours these days?

SnakeCQC1745d ago

name some ea games that were really that short and didnt have awesome online

The_KELRaTH1744d ago

I think this has more to do with European law that allows the gamer to sell his games whether boxed or digital as with these online passes you cannot sell your game complete (as entitled).

I'm quite sure EA already has an even more frustrating and gamer costly solution ready.

Pintheshadows1745d ago

I worry this is a gateway to something far worse like DRM on all of their titles.

Swiftfox1745d ago

I have a feeling EA's new answer is Origin. Rumors surrounding the new Xbox has the system downloading the game from the disc to the console. If there is an I.D tag on the information, Origin can check to see if it is on another console and prevent you from logging on and playing the game. They may even remove the ability to play any element of the game unless you're signed into Origin.

Mind you, the information about the new Xbox is still a rumor, and this is me simply theorizing an EA alternative to the online pass with given rumors. The point is nothing is really beyond EA.

extermin8or1744d ago

If the rumours about the new expox having some system like steam does, with it needing game codes put in but then you can download them if you wish etc is true then that seems likely why this would go- i suspect Sony may have a similar system but optional for devs/publishers to use if they so wish :p but whatever is going on they must be replacing it...

zerocrossing1745d ago

It's EA, they're bound to replace it with something worse.

SKUD1744d ago

True, got to keep those invesrtors happy.

AngelicIceDiamond1745d ago

We're not out of the woods yet, this is EA after all. Its gonna take more than that for them to be considered a credible publisher again.

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