Conversations with creators (Blizzard on Diablo 3 for PS4)

Blizzard prepares to unleash Hell on PlayStation in the long-awaited return of one of gaming's most renowned series.

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Nawert1978d ago

Am I the only one who likes these?

HyperBear1978d ago

I do!! :D

It gives us insight into what developers think of the PS4 and what they themselves find fascinating about the system and it's functionality.

despair1978d ago

I'm interested as well but cautious about the PS3 version, definitely excited about the PS4 version though.

Persistantthug1978d ago

Diablo 3 shouldn't have any problem with the PS3.

I mean, lets be real here....For all intent and purpose, Diablo 3 is last gen (6th generation) software tech....basically.

Also, More people have PS3s, so right off the bat, the PS3 will have more people playing the game, which is generally more preferable when dealing with online modes.

I'm sure both versions will be fine.

despair1977d ago

you're thinking black and white, its not like porting it from PC to Xbox, the PS3 is a whole different beast and from the couple vids I've seen of the PS3 version its quite ugly looking compared to highest setting on PC. Thats my main concern, if it doesn't look and run good.

GribbleGrunger1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

This is obviously part of Sony's new marketing strategy and I think it's a great idea. That music in the background elevates the words spoken really well too. Love these videos. Keep in up Sony.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1977d ago

game is nothing special. Rather have torchlight 2.

adorie1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Facerolling mp10 is dat end game. /zzz I say. I hope PlayStation fans get treated better than we did, the early adopters who beta tested.

Staying away from this game, on consoles, as there will be better offerings on PS4

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DivineAssault 1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

PS4 is EPIC! I will definitley buy this on PS4.. I cant wait for this system & have never been so pumped about a system launch.. This, Knack, Infamous, KZ, Gran Turismo 6, Destiny, AC4, etc all launch titles! I cant think of a single system that launched with so many great games! Thats just what we know of too! I bet E3 is going to be the best in many MANY years & possibly the best ever! Nx box is coming too but PS4 is my main priority & ill get nx box if it has unique games & your not charged to play online..

insomnium21977d ago

I agreed on everything you just said.

Awesomeness awaits!

MasterCornholio1977d ago

I really love how they said that the trackpad would be used for managing your inventory and the fact that the share button will become a huge part of the game. But what i like the most was when they said that console gaming is a great way to get people together and i agree with that completely.

I cant wait to see more of the PS4 and hopefully Diablo 3 will be one of the games that i get at launch for it.

R_aVe_N1977d ago

I am betting they announce that this is indeed a PS4 Launch title. I believe that is the primary reason they have not announce the date for the PS3 version as well so they don't out the PS4 launch date.

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