Harmonix reveals Rock Band Music Store along with other updates

"We've been pushing the whole 'Rock Band as a platform for music' thing for a long time, and we love Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network," Harmonix's John Drake told Destructoid from their swank penthouse suite at this year's GDC. "They're great, and they're really wonderful for [downloadable content]. We've got so much DLC, that it's beginning to become a bit ungainly with all of the stuff you have to sort through."

It was then that he revealed to Destructoid the Rock Band Music Store, a menu-driven iTunes inspired store-front that will be available from within the game.

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God of Gaming3894d ago

Holy crap.. that looks fantastic!

X3894d ago

Based on the pics, the preview option is a very good addition to make. So now I can take a listen to a track before buying. Looks like I might be adding more songs to my list of downloadable tracks

xsteinbachx3894d ago

Fantastic Idea!

Every wednesday me, and my buddies all meet up to play rockband, and now a store?! Perfect.

JD_Shadow3893d ago sort of an expansion to the character customization area. More outfits and guitars to buy with the won money from the tour mode would be nice.