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Machinima demanded payment for video views, claims Minecraft creator

Machinima demanded payment for video views, claims Minecraft creator, Markus Persson aka Notch.

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Wrong story type
Should be Opinion piece
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Reddit is only usable as a source if the post is by an industry source, is the proper link.
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Root1438d ago

Machinima have become insane know Ross Scott the guy who did the Civil Protection and Freemans Mind stuff on their...he had to leave because of their ridiculous contracts with them.

They are driving people away

raiden-491438d ago

They became to big for there own good and set partnerships with people witch is less money they should go get same good commentators and hire them for work like the yogscast and achievement hunter.

e-p-ayeaH1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

machina after 2009 it really started to suck anyways so no big deal.

3-4-51438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )


Why is it called Machinima ? What does the word actually mean? and why not just use the English word = to it ?

CraigUK1438d ago

I'm pretty sure its just a mash up of the words machine and cinema.

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doctorstrange1438d ago

What?... this is just... ugh god.

TechnicianTed1438d ago (Edited 1438d ago )

So is this supposed to be an actual article or what? Clicked the link and it takes you to Reddit with something about Nintendo and Youtube :/

EDIT:Oh wait up, it's in the comment section.


I could do I suppose, but seeing as I've read it in the comment section now there doesn't seem much point.

MonkeyNinja1438d ago

Or you could just click on "credit url" underneath "Read Full Story"

zarmena1438d ago

TechnicianTed, n4g approvers have previously flagged a number of my articles (similar in nature) for putting Pixel Enemy as a source. I'm a writer for PE. This time, to be on the safe side, I put reddit as source as that's where I got my info from, and credited Pixel Enemy. Still got flagged. Too late to edit it now, I'm afraid.

hazelamy1438d ago

i'd say Yogscast did more for Minecraft than machinima.

then there are the independent youtubers, is that a word?
like CaptainSparklez, MinecraftWB, Wonderment, CupQuake.
even Tobuscus's videos were a a bigger factor in prompting me to buy the game than anything machinima put out.

don't get me wrong, they put out some good stuff, and they have no doubt helped the game a bit, but asking the game's creator for money for promoting it, is beyond ludicrous.

grailly1438d ago

I don't know… the seananners let's play was pretty popular.

animegamingnerd1438d ago

seananners was the reason why i bought minecraft and even knew about in the first place but i can't speak for everyone

hazelamy1437d ago

i've never actually watched any of his videos, i should probably check them out some time.

i don't know why i've never watched them before, i've heard a lot of good things about his videos.

WillGuitarGuy1438d ago

iHasCupquake and Tobuscus are partnered with

hazelamy1437d ago

they are?
i never knew that.

but still, asking for payment is just not cool.

rajman1438d ago

I regret joining them last year!!!

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