Ender’s Game and the problem of media adaptation

From the article, "The problem pops up with any adaptation. It also arises for a lot of reasons. Sometimes it’s a matter of hardware constraints that force a reinterpretation like any number of film or game adaptations, include E.T. the Game. Sometimes it’s just lack of exposure to or love of the source material, you could see this in any comic or graphic novel-based adaptation to film, TV or games that feels heartless. Sometimes it’s a reinterpretation that’s meant to be bad, a la “Springtime for Hitler” from The Producers or any of Uwe Boll’s game-based films. And sometimes the adaptation is largely exceedingly faithful to certain aspects of the source material to try to cover up a poorly intended revision, like the revision from Harry to Rose in Christoph Gans’s adaptation of Silent Hill where the change was the fact that Gans thought Harry’s actions was womanly."

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