Retail rakes it in after Xbox 360 price cut

MCV: Retail has hailed Microsoft's mission to hit the mainstream after dropping its entry-level SKU to under £160 – and stores have seen sales rocket following the cut. ChartTrack earlier this week revealed that the console enjoyed a 36 per cent rise in sales after three days at its new price – which has seen the lower-spec Arcade machine sell for just £159.99.

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dachiefsman3925d ago

While you may think your RRoD jokes are funning, they are actual old and redundant.

I bought a PS2 right when it first released, and did you know they actually had system issues with THEIR console. I tried to get support, but since I was past the factory warranty they told me to fly a kite.

Microsoft did make a mistake, but they are at least helping their customers. I am not a fanboy and will be buying a PS3 for MGS4 so don't come back at me with some Xbot response. I thought I should share a personal experience to show you that neither company is perfect.

Glad to be a gamer3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

THIS IS A REPOST due to the previous article on this subject being burried on this site even though it got 120 comments in its first few hours. I wonder why?

I personally find it funny that a console that has the best,widest variety games,the cheapest price(even cheaper now) for a next gen console(wii not really next gen) and is 8 million ahead of the ps3 is now having dooms day articles written about it as it was outsold by 25,000 in febuary.

Price and games are the main selling point for a games console. Getting br thrown in is nice if you have a Hd tv(i have one) but to most with normal tv's this does not make any difference.

I mean the lineup this year is almost as good as last year which was the best line up for any system ive owned. Theres lo, ninja gaiden 2,sc conviction, fable 2, infinte undiscovery, huxley,banjo and kazooie and gears 2. For me with the 15 games ive owned so far the 360 has already payed for its self and with the upcoming games how can anyone say that its downhill from now.

Ps3 will do great, wii is doing great and 360 is doing very well. Why don't you ps3 only users come away from your pc screens, stop playing unchartered for the 3rd time and try out some of the highest metacritic rated games of this generation. I can assure you that once you have you'll realise why gamers have purchased a 360 even with rrod issue that may mean you are without a console for 2 weeks while its fixed free of charge.

I mean all i ever here from ps3 owners is this game will blow the competition away (lair,heavenly sword, unchartered etc etc) and while you wait for that elusive big hitter other gamers are enjoying next gen now on there 360's while they wait for the ps3 to be worth buying . I for one know that if i was to own one console out of my three it would be my 360 hands down as it provides me with the best gaming exp. Thats a fact that can be seen by any true gamer.

Unlike some of you i don't want to be bored waiting i want to be entertained playing. Thank god i went wii360 last year as otherwise id of been just another pissed of Sony fan posting comments on this website about the other consoles to try and make my self feel better about my purchase. Unchartered is good and being able to watch planet earth in hd is great. But come on that does not make up for a whole year of disappointment.

Disagree if you want but that aint gonna knock the smile from my face for being right and making the right decision last year. Dont agree then as i said go and check and enlighten your self.

P.s for the price of a launch day ps3 i got a 360/wii. How anyone went the other route astounds me as a gamer i guess some people will buy a brand regardless of what it offers them as a consumer. Those of us that have used are heads are the reason we now have a £300 ps3. Think about that.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33925d ago

Why whats wrong with them?;-D

sonarus3925d ago

i have played some of those highest rated games on meta critic and majority of them are overrated. COD4 is highly overrated and as much as i hate halo (most overrated game of all time) i have to say imo halo is a better game overall. Maybe not visually but i prefer halo to cod4. I really don't weigh that much importance into reviews all i need to know is if the game is worth looking at. Metacritic really doesn't match my opinions on most games on there but they are good at telling me what games i should try.

InYourMom3925d ago

Bubble for you sir! Excellent post.

Glad to be a gamer3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Thanks man appreciated. Bubbles to you for being a gamer a rare commodity on this site.

@Sonarus i dont think any game that gets a high metacritic score is overated as it takes into account every reputable site/mags review eliminating bias. Its the purest rating form we have and has never let me down.

I do think though that a person is the best judge on what type of games they like/dont like. I also prefer halo for online mp(but cod4 campaign was epic) but i use metacritic scores as a guideline to purchasing games i know i'll like. Not just because it got a aaa score. ie if you dont like car simulators you wouldn't buy forza2 even if its got a 90+ score.

My best game so far this gen would be Mass effect as i love anything star trekky/star wars esque and i knew it would be a great game with a 90+ metacritic score. would still of bought it if it had scored in the 80's because im in to that genre.

chaosatom3333925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

you're bringing ps2 into this why? What does ps2 have to do with xbox360, which is a next gen system. How about we compare ps3 or Wii with 360.

Lifendz3925d ago

for the extra money you should've got the pro/premium.

WIIIS13924d ago

Well said.

Like you, I went Wii60 first. I bought PS3 only after the price drop. By that time, there was already a year+ worth of PS3 games for me to buy and I picked up all those highly touted exclusives. Uncharted was the only game that really impressed, and I have been waiting for the next exclusive since. In the meantime, I have done the inevitable. I shopped for Blu-ray movies even though I'm not big on movies.

The gaming experience with 360 has been so much better. Pity the stubborn fools.

insomnium3924d ago

Stubborn? What about Singstar and EoJ? Where else can I get to play games like those? How about Uncharted as you said? I'll even add in Ratchet. Those are high profile adventuregames with great scores even on metacritic. I don't think Xbox360 has the ammunition to reach those titles even if it has a years headstart. It does have the shooters but other than that I'll stick with my ps3 thank you. Shooters aren't the only games I play even if I do love them.

dachiefsman3924d ago

I was responding to the RRoD comments above <which have been deleted>......

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DRUDOG3925d ago

Wonder how long it will last. Damn MS for making a faulty system if this price drop happens here in NA! I want one, but I can't justify buying it when it could break on me at any time.

LocustGR3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Good news for Microsoft.

lol, predator, you got a disagree for no reason <.<'

Edit: me too. <.<'

bumnut3925d ago

sadly that is nothing new

power of Green 3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

>_> Hmmm. Nice terms in you first post.

Read the first paragraph and I hit agree I should have read the rest before doing so.

Good news for MSFT.

Lord Vader3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

"36 per cent rise in sales after three days..."

It'll be more interesting to see the effect after GTA IV releases.

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cow moolester3925d ago


KZ2 RESISTANCE 2 MGS4 HAHAHAHAHA Ps3 fanboys need to post in this article now..I've summed up all the inevitable fanboy replies

iAmPS33925d ago

You will either get a lot of agrees or be flame to death, your comment is trying to be too smart for your own sake =D

Phil Harrison Mk43925d ago

These Lemmings are STUPID!!! ;-D
'a 36 per cent rise in sales after three days' ???

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33925d ago

Does that £159.99 include that thing called RRoD???
(Red Ring of Death) ;-D
Heard it's a feature of ALL xBox 360's??? ;-D

Gam713925d ago

Lol cow moolester.
But like phil harrison/doodlebrains and sir ken somethingorother said you forgot the highly original and witty also outdated rrod comment.

texism3925d ago

add in moronic RROD jokes and got it all covered.

iAmPS33925d ago

Condemned 2: XBOX 360th

A master piece of gaming horror:

Oilers Fan3925d ago

so thats what now condemned, gaers, there hast to be more of these pictures

iAmPS33925d ago

Give me a idea and I make you more =D

BLUR1113925d ago

I clicked on that retarded link and got nothing but pop ups you're spam anyway. do you even own a gaming system of any kind?

iAmPS33925d ago

First, it's not SPAM or popus it's IMAGESHACK,
You don't have to click if you don't want.

Probably you got so mad cause you agreed with the image. LOL

Another frustrated XTARD.

GETPWNT3925d ago

iamBSturd, you are so f*cking stupid, dude. first you claim Gears sucks, now Condemned? Oh plz. Condemned 2 is a masterpiece, as will be Gears 2. Get bent.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3925d ago

They even replied to you with exactly those type of comments.

Pricless XD

iAmPS33925d ago

Well, if you had 2 brain cells working properly you would have understand the joke.

But I think that's too much to ask from you.
Explaining to you: THE X360 is condemned, get it? get it?

And don't reply to me like you knew it, don't embarrass yourself even more.

InYourMom3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

beat them all to their same old tired jokes and FUD.

BTW - Where is Tidus/Shmee/Noodle?? Screaming in every 360 article that the machine is already dead in Europe/UK/Everywhere but the USA. Oh, and I can't forget the system will be officially out of business on March 28th(or something like that) and then April XX(cant remember the date) in the USA.

I won't say any more on that I'm saving it all up for those days.. Nothing like being owned by your own comments.

Let me just say it brings a warmness to my heart to see IamPS3 being made into a fool and everyone ganging up on him and his band of droids. They do it to other people and it's good to see him get a taste. I don't think he games, he sits around making pictures all day long for the SDF; another fraud/fake gamer.
Same goes for Phil and Ken both a couple of commenting fraud's.

doodle3925d ago

even with a price cut that GARBAGE BOX 3 FIX ME couldnt outsell PS3 /wii in UK

not to mention that there was no HIKE for x360 in other parts of europe where it died ages ago

GETPWNT3925d ago

Oh, yeah. Cuz we all know how much you love 360.

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Farsendor13925d ago

drekken,rawd your zone is to the right

Syko3925d ago

Oh come on Fars...Their RRoD jokes are so original and funny =)


Drekken3925d ago

I have not said anything that is not TRUE. I called no names. If more xbox's are sold... more xbox's will break = job security. Its simple math. If you guys are in denial that MS's console breaks it isnt my fault.

We are talking about the company that goes to gaming expos with a display console that RROD's everytime. They give presentations and the console breaks... You guys are too sensitive.

It might be trite, but true... grow up.

rawd3925d ago

My comment was along similar lines, but got deleted.


power of Green 3925d ago

Sounds bitter and offtopic. Let 360 gamers enjoy good 360 news.

ReBurn3925d ago

I'll never understand why people who'll never own a 360 care so much about RROD.

Sarick3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Well in my case 360 has a few games I want but don't want to buy a 360. I'm not happy that this product has a high defect rate.

Since I can't get these games and they're exclusive it upsets me that RROD continues.

You do realise what i'm saying here right? RROD does upset people it doesn't necessarily mean you don't care if you don't own a 360 either. There is a conflict because a few games are only available on one console. Since MS hasn't fixed their RROD problem I can't play those games.

Do you understand I as a gamer feel cheated because of this. As this applys to "suck it up and by another 360" or "don't buy one and miss out on those exclusives."

It's quite obvious that as gamer some people feel screwd. Either they except the current situation or complain. I'd rather have good games on reliable hardware vs. no games simply because inconvenience and insecurity.

Seriously, if MS fixed their RROD problem 100% they'd do far better in retail. Please don't respond with the warranties excuse. Everyone knows AAA exclusives help sale consoles. The problem is because of the hardware people are given an ultimatum and since the real issue still exist it's dissatisfaction.

Before you go hitting disagree think about it carefully. People complain because they care. Hopefully you'll understand from this perspective that not only does this issue effect your interests but non-360 owners. Simply put if it was fixed some of these non-owners would be sitting right beside you and your love for the console allowing MS to be more successful as a gamers console.

Potential customers are lost and current customers don't seem to understand what's the deal is.

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