God of War, Twisted Metal creator lands at indie studio

GS:David Jaffe appointed creative advisor at Pixelbionic where he will work on vehicular combat game Autoduel; Kickstarter campaign launching soon.

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adorie1858d ago

Nice!! Can't wait for more information... that's all I got for a worth-while comment. :S

SonyWarrior1858d ago

cant wait too see where this game goes. car combat games are my favorite but this gen theres only been a few...

IcyEyes1858d ago

This guy is pretty overrated ... really.

Agheil1858d ago

I think you're mistaking him with someone else....

punisher991858d ago

"This guy is pretty overrated ... really. "

David Jaffe the creator of God Of War is overrated?? Are you mad?

yeahokchief1858d ago

He needs to keep his mouth shut and just make games. he's annoying to listen to.

BattleAxe1858d ago

Why is he doing all of this indie crap? Why can't he go work for a company that actually has some money to work with like, oh I don't know....Sony? He must be tough to hire because of his personality or something...

Blank1857d ago

This comment made me lol because I thought the same I read on the article "games that publishers ignore" and I was thinking "wait I thought david jaffe was deeply networked with sony to release a game like this" im guessing they want to keep this IP for themselves