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The Future of Super Smash Bros. – Hopes and Predictions

With the game so early in development, very little confirmed information is available at this time. We know it’s being developed by the man behind the first three, Masahiro Sakurai, and being co-developed (a series first) by Namco Bandai games, who you’ll probably recognize as the studio behind other well-received fighting series like Tekken, SoulCalibur, and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja. We know the game is being developed for both Wii U and 3DS, and that there will be some kind of connectivity between the two. Possible ideas hinted at include customizing characters in the 3DS version and uploading them to the Wii U, or perhaps even cross-platform play similar to what Capcom has done with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. (Nintendo, Super Smash Bros., Wii U)

thisisdallas  +   623d ago
It's a really article but there are some good points. I'm not too sure about the possibility of some of the third party characters, but variety like paper mario would be pretty interesting. Also, I would absolutely love destructible environments and decaying clothes/armor.
3-4-5  +   623d ago
* Dragon Quest Hero

* Luso

* Chrom

* Eddie - Nostalgia DS ( reaching with this one i know)

kirbyu  +   623d ago
This guy wants Meta Knight removed and Pit stayed. I say switch that around.
BlackWolf  +   623d ago
I'd prefer to have them both.
ABizzel1  +   623d ago
That's because Meta Knight is banned, because he has too much speed, weight, recovery, and damage output.

Pit has the speed and recovery, but lacks the weight, and takes time to get the same damage output.

That being said I don't care I just want them to channel Melee this time instead of Brawl.
kirbyu  +   623d ago
But Meta Knight doesn't HAVE to be that powerful. They could change him.
ABizzel1  +   623d ago
I agree. They can make changes, and I'm all for more characters (miss my Mewtwo & maybe we'll get a Newtwo).
RyanDJ  +   623d ago
Chase McCain!
TotalSynthesisX  +   623d ago
I just want R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch, Jigglypuff, and Alt-Link (Toon/Young Link) taken out. They're taking up valuable spots that could go to more deserving characters -- like Tingle. LOL jk but seriously, I hope those other characters GTFO.
MNGamer-N  +   623d ago
What about gampad functions? The smash Orb appears on your gamepad screen and floats around and you gotta smash it by tapping on it? It will be interesting to see if there are any exciting uses of the screen.

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