Nintendo Direct Detailing Unannounced Wii U Games Set for June

GR said, "No matter the reasoning, there will be a new Nintendo Direct for Europe right around the time of E3, and it will focus on all the Wii U games you don’t know about yet that are coming either this fall or a bit later."

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ritsuka6661951d ago

This one will be the MEGATON Direct.

DeadlyFire1951d ago

Duh. They are using this one to replace E3 conference. Nintendo saving every penny they can this generation.

jcnba281951d ago

Nintendo will have multiple Directs for E3, this is just the first one.

quantae061951d ago

Yeah, I read somewhere that Nintendo will hold another Direct at E3. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

mamotte1951d ago

In the end, all we'll have is the video from the conference, so it doesnt make a difference.

Same thing, less super stars playing.

3-4-51951d ago

No they are actually using this + 2-3 instead of E3...

They will be at E3...but 95% of the time if will be them allowing others to play the games.

DeadlyFire1950d ago

They have one today I believe and one set for around E3. Those are the only 2 I have heard about.

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adorie1951d ago

Give me a freakin Zelda announcement for the wii u.

quantae061951d ago

They already announced Zelda Wind Waker Remake, and they said that they are also working on a new Zelda game.

DivineAssault 1951d ago

Not that close to the WW remake.. We wont see Zelda for quite some time.. 3DS has one & Wii U has the remake so thats it for a while.. But when there is one, its should be huge.. Maybe nx yr.. Smash Bros & Bayo 2 are coming before any new zelda does

3-4-51951d ago

Love Nintendo Directs.....get's straight to the good stuff with no other talky filler.

Starbucks_Fan1951d ago

I know June is a common period for announcing games, but I wish they would have done this sooner.

Muffins12231951d ago

Was....was that a refrence to the fallout 3 town megaton lol?

Shnazzyone1950d ago (Edited 1950d ago )

Nope, Sonic and mario at the olympic games, new sonic with nintendo partnership for sonic platformer... but no footage or details other than that. RE Revelations wii U is the best version because all touch screen aspects from 3ds game carries over. Bunch of release dates, a bunch of prices... More Gamegear coming for 3ds(meh?).

Overall kinda disappointing. Clear indication the real announcements are coming during E3. I admit the announcement that my local Best buy may have E3 games to play is exciting and interesting. However clearly it seems they announced this Nintendo direct coming before even knowing what to talk about. So they just packaged some announcements they didn't want to save for June.

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kirbyu1951d ago

Oh. I thought they were talking about the one coming tomorrow.

AngelicIceDiamond1951d ago

I'm pretty curious what Nintendo will announce.

Williamson1951d ago

So maybe a 3d mario, zelda wii u, next smash bros can be shown.

Dj7FairyTail1951d ago

Uh they will be shown and playable at E3 before the showfloor opens.

Smash Bros. will have a trailer at least like Brawl did.

chrispseuphoria1951d ago

I'm really hoping for a reveal of the new Smash Bros!

LOL_WUT1951d ago

Very exciting! I hope they don't disappoint ;)

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