The dark, silly, and bizarre influences behind PS3′s Puppeteer

Venture Beat: Gavin Moore, creative director of the upcoming Puppeteer for the PlayStation 3, says he wants to be able to play his platform/action game with his kid. A game that’s about a maniacal tyrant who beheads a young boy. A game that takes place in dark, frightening worlds. A game that has tons of spider webs.

Good thing Moore has a 9-year-old — any younger might give us pause.

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GribbleGrunger2040d ago (Edited 2040d ago )

I've been playing games for years now but I really can't remember a year when this number of quality AAA titles get announced/released ... And then we get surprise news that GT6 and Panopticon are coming too. Incredible. I'm sure everyone is very happy with their consoles, but damn, I'm friggin' ecstatic that I bought my PS3.

Tolkoto2040d ago

I like anything influenced by Nightmare Before Christmas.

JeffGrubb2040d ago

Except for all Tim Burton movies after Nightmare Before Christmas.

darkronin2292040d ago

This keeps reminding me of that one Suda51 game released a few months ago (which was kind of bad), but I'm glad to see it looks/plays radically different.

Sadie21002040d ago

If this game actually caught the spirit of Monty Python, then I'm all over it.

idontgetit2040d ago

Sounds right up my alley.

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