Zeno Clash II review | Thunderbolt

Jonas Jurgens, Thunderbolt writes:
Exploring Zenozoik, the world Zeno Clash II, is a bit like wandering around inside a Surrealist painting. Nothing makes sense. You recognize things that are remotely like what you know in the real world, but there’s something off about them. “Humans”, birdmen, and other strange creatures live alongside each other in the city of Halstedom, which itself seems completely illogical in its layout. Imagine the Mos Eisley cantina freaks, but spread out over a vast country. It feels like a feverish, inescapable dream, streets twisting in random directions, culminating in dead ends. Staircases twirl around towers, leading nowhere in particular. Instead of grenades, you toss flaming, exploding skulls. It’s a colorful shock to the eyes and your mind, and a welcome relief from drab real world settings or generic fantasy locations.

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