GTA V: 5 Ways Animals Will Improve The Grand Theft Auto Experience

WC writes: Mountain Lions have been teased, while sharks have already been confirmed. We think the presence of animals such as these is a wonderful inclusion on Rockstar’s half, and we can’t wait to find out how we can interact with certain species.

Here, we examine 5 Ways Animals Will Improve The Grand Theft Auto Experience.

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Newmanator2035d ago

I just hope PETA doesn't get all p!ssed off - they need to focus on real world abuse issues and not issues with pixelated animal.

I wonder if they have horses!

Pintheshadows2035d ago

PETA are a bunch of hypocrites anyway. They are not far away from being the animal protection equivalent of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Yi-Long2035d ago

... just as I'm certain that personally, I couldn't care less about what PETA thinks about this game, or any other game.

I really hope we can ride horses: I would love to hop on a horse, ride to 'the hood', and do a really original 'drive by shooting'... :P

inmusicutrust2035d ago

I've been wondering about horses as well, can't imagine they wouldn't. Already have the system in place from rdr and it would fit so well in the farmlands and mountains. Would be a blast and open a lot of new things to do.

3-4-52035d ago

PETA kills more animals every year than most other people.

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yugovega2035d ago

confirmed - Michael vick dlc (dog fighting)
come on rockstar we all know you want to.

SpideySpeakz2035d ago

I hope for different breeds of dog.

sullivansmith2035d ago

Gah! I just finished an article that included how much I wanted to see animals in a GTA game, only to come across this great article. I added an update and linked to your article as a way to say thank you for inadvertently bringing this to my attention. :)

To be polite, I won't post the link to mine here, but it's pending ATM so if so inclined, you should be able to find it. Thanks again!

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The story is too old to be commented.