Nintendo eShop - Super Metroid Trailer

Nintendo writes:

'Super Metroid is available now on the Virtual Console for Wii U!'

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Neonridr1955d ago

Already got it. 30 cents? No brainer.

PigPen1955d ago

I wonder if this game is remade cause I brought this on the Wii and it just felt nasty. Stiff controls with a slow running game was ugh. And I didn't remember it that way on the NES.

Shnazzyone1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

This is the SNES game. Not sure what you're talking about because it plays exactly the same. Because it is exactly the same. It's the same game emulated, From the SNES.

PigPen1954d ago

Perhaps I'm wrong of confusing NES with the SNES. I have this game downloaded to the Wii. I don't remember it like that but I definitely played the game back in the day. I don't remember if that game felt nasty back then but it most definitely does now. That's my opinion and stand by it.

yugovega1955d ago

if anyone needs to watch a trailer to know if they should buy a 30 cent Nintendo game they never should have purchased a wiiu.

Shnazzyone1955d ago

Seriously, one of the best games ever... 30 cents.... I don't care if I've bought it twice in my life already. One more way to play it.

Neonridr1955d ago

They had me at Off TV Play.