Console RTS controls 'still not close to a PC'

Electronic Arts' Chris Corry believes there is still a long way to go before console RTS games can be as fluent as their PC counterparts.

"Console RTS design has come a long way, but I don't know if you will be able to lead design of a true RTS, which is so inherently reliant on the mouse and keyboard combination, on the console," the Red Alert 3 producer told Eurogamer.

"It's one of the reasons we don't do cross platform play - the way RTS' are meant to be played, the PC guys would be so much faster."

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cellypower3774d ago

Ps3 has 2 options controller and K\Mouse.

ianp6223773d ago

Yeah, really I don't understand why they don't bring that up. It definitely improved the control of UT3, and it would do wonders for an RTS.

FirstknighT3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

That's not a good thing. I would like to know that every game I play that I'm on the same playing field as my opponent. If that person is using a keyboard/mouse setup and I'm using a controller than I'll most likely lose not because of skill but because of his control setup.


Downside??? I'm just expressing how I feel. If you don't like it than go ahead and try to debate me about it. Don't just give me a useless and off topic reply.

LJWooly3773d ago

Great job in turning that into a downside, Firstknight. Really, that was impressive.

Statix3773d ago

Dude, you can filter out whether to play against only mouse+keyboard, controller, or both. They give you that option in UT3 for PS3.

So much for your fabricated downside.

beoulve3773d ago

Yeah, you know you can play FPS with a joypad in PC you know, so when someone beat u, you now have an excuse for losing, just say that he has a better setup. see how it goes.

Well, If a console or PC offer you a better control setup and you don't want to use it, you can't really whine when you lose to someone can't you. It's not like Keyboard and mouse actually cost $300 anyway.

kornbeaner3773d ago

So if I lose because my skills are better with a key/mouse then with a controller, does that constitute a level playing field???

how can that be fair to the person who is more skilled with key/mouse if you hand him a controller and expect him to still perform???

Having key/mouse doesn't automatically make you better then those with a controller, you just need to have a fair amount of skill. Granted that the most hardcore of PC players will most likely wipe the floor against even the most experienced controller player, but for the average player its just what you feel better playing the game with.

sonarus3773d ago

lol yea firstknigt you can filter it. Don't be such a hater lol

FirstknighT3773d ago

I didn't know that you can filter it. That's a great idea if it's true. Looks like Epic also had the same thinking as me. :)

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PS360WII3773d ago

I agree that console rts games are still no where close to easy flowing controls but the DS is pretty decent in regards to rts games.

InYourMom3773d ago

How many times are you going to SPAM the comment section with that stupid picture?? The last thing any PS3 person should be talking about is the controller with that see-thru flimsy SixAxis.

jackdoe3773d ago

I tried C&C 3 on the 360. It did not play very well. The fact is, you need incredibly fast and precise movements, something you can't do with a controller.

meepmoopmeep3773d ago

as long as there's K&M support all is good.. would be hell playing RTS with a controller o_O

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